Figure blue eye - what to do?

Figure blue eye - what to do? - causes, stages, therapy

Black eye - what to do?
Duration of healing (approx. 7-14 days)
Depending on the severity of the swelling,
Age, overall physical condition
I - punch (boxing match, brawl)
Impact (ball sports, bicycle accident)
II - fall
III - after wisdom tooth surgery
IV - by mosquito bite
Typical stages:

  1. Bleeding in the lid area of ​​the eye
    Bruise - Hematoma
    (red, swollen)
  2. Blood begins to clot
    Swelling is slowly going down
    (purple - blue)
  3. Breakdown of hemoglobin
    (brown, green to yellow)
    A - rapid cooling (1st - 2nd day) -
    Cooling iron, ice cubes,
    Cool batteries - about 30 minutes
    B - After that - moist heat
    (warm compress)
    C - arnica - (ointment, tincture, globules).
    Heparin ointment
    D - to keep your head high at night

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