Figure back of hand pain

Figure Pain on the back of the hand: causes (A-D) and therapy options (E-H)

Back hand pain

  1. Extensor tendon of the back of the fingers -
    Aponeurosis dorsalis digiti
  2. Tendon connection
    of the finger extender -
    Intertendine connexus
  3. Long thumb stretcher -
    Extensor pollicis longus muscle
  4. Finger extensor -
    Extensor digitorum muscle
  5. Extensor tendon strap -
    Retinaculum musculorum
  6. Radial artery - Radial artery
  7. Interbone muscle -
    Interosseus muscle
  8. Little finger extensor -
    Extensor digiti minimi muscle
  9. Celiac nerve - Ulnar nerve
  10. Median arm nerve - Median nerve
  11. Spoke nerve - Radial nerve
  12. Ulnar artery - Ulnar artery
    A - tendinitis
    B - carpal tunnel syndrome
    (Compression syndrome)
    C - Repetetive Strain Injury
    Syndrome / RSI Syndrome
    D - osteoarthritis or gout
    Therapy of pain
    E - rails
    F - Stabilizing bandages
    G - anti-inflammatory creams,
    pain reliever as well
    anti-inflammatory drugs
    H - Physiotherapeutic and
    physiotherapy exercises,
    Strength training, gentle on the joints
    Sport (e.g. swimming)

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