Dry skin on the eyes


Dry skin around the eyes can have a variety of causes. In addition to insufficient skin care, strong exposure to cold or solar radiation as normal external causes, diseases of the skin can also be a cause. These include, for example, neurodermatitis, but also other eczema diseases. Most of the time, however, the symptoms can be managed well with appropriate skin care and some general measures.
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root cause

The first cause is one insufficient care in case of excessive stress. Since the skin in the Eye area very thin and thus sensitive too little or wrong care can express itself particularly quickly here. That happens when the skin is over a long period of time fat and humidity missing or withdrawn by external influences. These include, on the one hand, the effects of the weather, such as Sun or cold. On the other hand, it can also be applied to the skin Cosmetic products and their components themselves cause irritation. Everyone has to try out for themselves which care is well tolerated in this area.

Internal causes can also occur with dry skin on the eyes or dry skin on the face play a role. These include, for example Dehydration, Hormone fluctuations or changes, but also Nutritional influences. Also systemic diseases, as a Hypothyroidism or a diabetes can lead to dry skin. Just at Allergy sufferers the absorption of allergenic substances can also manifest itself on the face.

Also many skin diseases, especially those Neurodermatitis or other diseases from the so-called atopic shape circle, may show up around the eyes. In general, the protective function of the Skin in old age weaker, so then increased dry skin, also in connection with increased Wrinkling arises.

Last but not least, you can also use certain drugs, such as Cortisone preparations, or also Beta blockers contribute to a poorer complexion. The thin facial skin in particular is very sensitive to cortisone, which is why Cortisone ointments in the face Not just like that applied should be.

Also a lack of certain Vital substances, such as zinc can lead to poor skin texture. Even mental illness, such as a depression can express themselves in this way. The influence of is also often underestimated alcohol and especially nicotine. Long-term nicotine consumption can have very detrimental effects on the skin and the formation of wrinkles.

Dry skin and wrinkles

Overall tends dry skin stronger to Wrinklingthan healthy skin. Due to lack of care or underlying diseases, the skin can lose its strength and elasticity no longer adequately control, so that more wrinkles appear. In addition, existing wrinkles are of course particularly noticeable in dry and cracked skin. Especially against the wrinkles are sufficient Hydration and adequate skin care is important.

Dry skin on the eyelid

Especially in the area of Eyelids is very often one Basic allergic disease the cause of itchy and dry skin. In this case, the eye itself is usually also affected and itches. Help against it Antihistamines in the form of eye drops for the skin in the eyelid area, but above all as a tablet. These include, for example, active ingredients such as Cetirizine or Loratadine. In very severe cases, a Cortisone cream be necessary, but you should be careful with this in the facial area. If the Redness and the itch after applying a cream this should occur Not more used as then one allergy on one of the ingredients is very likely.

Is this eyelid not just dry, flaky, and itchy, but rather swollen and burningshould get one as soon as possible Ophthalmologist be selected, because then a so-called Eyelid phlegmon, so there may be inflammation in the eyelid. If the itching affects the eyelashes in particular, you should also consult a doctor. In this case it may be that a Mite infection present that there to a Inflammation of the hair follicles leads. Otherwise, all of the above-mentioned causes of dry skin, generally also in the eyelid area, are possible.

Dry skin under the eyes

Also under the eyes can be the cause of dry skin a allergy be. But also the Neurodermatitis likes to express herself in this area. In addition, the classic eye bags and other signs of insufficient care or excessive use are expressed here.

Also constant Rub, due to tiredness or allergic reaction often leads to another Worsening of symptoms. Often the problem is exacerbated by the use of care products in this area. Either make up Products, as well as many Care creams contain their part again lovely or allergenic acting Ingredients making the symptoms worse.


The mere visual diagnosis often does not help with dry skin around the eyes. Regardless of the various causes, the skin here is mostly red, flaky and itchy. A detailed doctor-patient conversation combined with an examination provide important information about the underlying cause of dry skin on the eye. In most allergy sufferers, other reactions can also be observed or are already known.In the case of neurodermatitis, other areas are usually also affected.

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If systemic diseases such as diabetes or a thyroid disorder are not yet known, these should be ruled out. Otherwise, the correct diagnosis can often only be made through the attempt at therapy, because treatment of the root cause then also improves the symptoms in the eye.


The most effective therapy depends on the underlying cause. So you can allergic reaction with the help of Antihistamines to stop and relieve itching.

At internal diseasesn these have to be treated correctly so that the complexion improves. When a lack of certain Vitamins or Minerals is available, you can try this with the help of Multivitamin supplementswhich is often also available specifically for the skin to balance. A sufficient one Hydration can help to improve the complexion. In any case, it is particularly important not to additionally irritate the affected skin area. Often the cream bought for skin care purposes does exactly the opposite and only leads to further irritation. In this respect, when buying Cosmetic products especially mild and if possible Hypoallergenic agents respect, think highly of.

With all types of dry skin Adequate care is important for the eye. The products should both fat as well as humidity contain. At the same time, it must not contain any substances irritating to the eye. In this respect you should, preferably with Dermatologist (dermatologist) or Family doctor get advice on which care products are suitable. Also an overall healthy and balanced one nutrition can improve the complexion. In summer an sunglasses the sensitive eyelid area Protect UV radiation. This also prevents constant squinting of the eyes and thus the formation of wrinkles.

In severe cases it may also be necessary in the facial area cortisone creams apply, or even systemic cortisone to use. The application in the face though as short as possible and can only be used after all other means have been exhausted.

Home remedies for dry skin under the eyes

There are also some outside of the pharmacy-only substances Home remediesthat at dry skin can help in the eye area. This includes many products from the field of Baby care. These are often special rich and contain at the same time few lovely ones or allergy-causing substances.

Another popular fabric is chamomile. Either in the form of a brew, as an additive in creams or simply as a lukewarm tea bag directly on the affected skin. However, chamomile can also contribute to dehydration of the skin, which is why a cream should always be applied afterwards. For example, Dexpanthenol containing care ointments. Also products with Aloe vera are recommended for dry skin. You can buy skin care creams with the appropriate ingredients as well as use the juice of the plant itself. In addition to the care, aloe vera also works disinfectant. Also Quark or olive oil should help if you use them as a mask in the eye area, for example.

The application Urea containing creams is in the Eye area rather difficult and should only be done with sufficient distance to the eye. In any case, support should be sufficient Hydration pay attention and fabrics like alcohol or nicotine avoid.