Anterior tibial muscle


Latin: Tibialis anterior muscle


The anterior tibial muscle owes its name to its location on the front of the lower leg.

It acts as an antagonist of the calf twin muscle and the posterior tibial muscle and causes pure dorsiflexion (Bring the toes closer to the knee).

Approach, origin, innervation

Approach: Medial and plantar surfaces of the 1st sphenoid bone (Os cuneiform I.) and 1. Metatarsal bones (First metatarsal)

Origin: Lateral surface of the tibia (Condylus et facies lateralis tibiae) and Interbone membrane (Membrana interossea)

Innervation: N. peroneus profundus, L 4 - 5, S 1

How is the muscle stretched?

When stretching the anterior tibial muscle, the toe of the stretched lower leg must be stretched (stand on the tiptoe). This leads to a shortening of the twin calf muscle.