Aplastic anemia


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With a so-called Aplastic anemia is the cause already in the precursor cells, i.e. during the formation of the cells in the Bone marrow to find. Even the stem cells from which the (red) blood cells mature, are changed. This usually affects several or all blood cells, including the Platelets and those responsible for defense Leukocytes.


In addition to the classic characters of the Anemia the patients suffer from Bleeding and Tendency to infection.

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The most famous representative of the congenital form of this anemia is the Fanconi anemia, in the DNA defects cannot be repaired.
Aplastic anemia can also be secondary

  • Medication
  • radiation
  • Infections
  • by insecticides (chemical)



Treatment is through substitution of blood (Transfusion) and elimination of the triggering factors (in the secondary forms).