Abdominal pain and headache - what's behind it?


Abdominal pain and headache are two Symptomsthat both occur independently of each other and together can. They can be triggered by different causes and appear together with other symptoms.

A common cause for both of these non-specific symptoms psychological stress or other severe psychological stress that hits the head and stomach. Also a gripal infect often shows up through these signs and is usually harmless.

Lots Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can be accompanied by abdominal pain and headaches, but symptoms vary from person to person.
The so-called Irritable bowel syndrome for example, it can be manifested by abdominal pain and headache, which often occur after eating. Irritable bowel syndrome is often triggered by severe psychological stress and stress.
Also one Infection of the intestinal tract having bacteria can be a possible cause. For example, occur at a Typhoid infection, which is caused by salmonella, causes headaches as well as stomach pain. In the second week of the illness, there is also a fever. A doctor should be consulted immediately. Typhoid infection is notifiable.

It can also be at severe migraines in addition to the appearance of abdominal pain.


The most common One cause of abdominal pain and headache is one Gastrointestinal infectioncaused by viruses or bacteria. Different pathogens come into question depending on age and accompanying symptoms. Especially Small children are often affected by such infections. The most common pathogens are rotaviruses, noroviruses and adenoviruses. Even after Can travel to distant countries gastrointestinal infections occur more frequently.
Also the upcoming or deployed Menstruation can be a cause of headache and abdominal pain in women. This is harmless and should be treated symptomatically.
In addition, this symptom complex occurs often in connection with stress or other psychological stress. The saying “something hits our stomachs” doesn't come from anywhere, it is true. If we are in a very stressful emotional situation, this can cause abdominal pain. Headaches can also occur due to the high level of tension.
Also a Migraine attack can be causative. This also often goes along Photosensitivity and / or nausea.
Likewise, a pregnancy cause these symptoms.

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Other accompanying symptoms

Abdominal pain and headache appear as symptoms of one Gastrointestinal infection on, they often go with it Nausea and / or vomiting hand in hand. Diarrhea is also a frequent accompanying symptom. Especially with women before menopause can have abdominal pain and headache too Back pain go along, just before or during menstruation.
When the headache is very severe and one Neck stiffness added, this is an indication of the presence of a Meningitis and is in urgent need of treatment.
Especially with Childrenwho complain of abdominal pain should exclude all serious medical conditions. Children can be in pain do not localize so precisely yet and almost always indicate abdominal pain.

Associated with nausea

Especially in Association with nausea can abdominal pain and headache in one Migraine attack occurrence. Migraines often make themselves felt before the onset of the severe headache through various symptoms, which, however, differ from person to person. Kick frequently Nausea and abdominal pain then triggered by the severe headache on. Often there is also one Photosensitivity.
The headache and abdominal pain can be treated symptomatically with medication. Often those affected take special medication for migraines before the symptoms appear in order to keep the extent of the symptoms as low as possible. Migraines affect women much more often than men.

Complain a woman about abdominal pain and headaches that are accompanied by nausea and occur for no discernible cause, the Possibility of pregnancy be considered. Above all, stomach pain and nausea are among them early signs of pregnancy and the headaches that occur can also be explained due to the hormonal changes in the female body. These symptoms usually go away on their own after the first three months of pregnancy.

In connection with body aches

Add to the headache and stomach ache too Body aches added, it is usually the first signs of flu. The effects of influenza on the human body are very different, so there are also different symptoms. Body aches combined with headaches and abdominal pain most often lead to one general malaise.

Much rest and the Avoidance of strenuous physical activity are advisable here, then the flu infection should go away by itself. Also should be on having a balanced diet lots of vitamin C. be respected by consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables.

The flu infection is usually triggered by viruses, more rarely by bacteria. It is not the rule that stomach pain occurs with a flu-like infection. This could indicate that there is a bacterial infection that affects the lungs as well. A Clarification by the doctor is advisableso that possible pneumonia can be detected early and treated accordingly.

Associated with fever

When to the headache and stomach ache fever added should be a Clarification by the doctor respectively. Here is the possibility that this Typhoid symptoms occur. This disease is caused by Salmonella transmitted and usually triggered via contaminated food. In addition to the abdominal pain, occur also constipation and diarrhea on.

However, fever, headache and abdominal pain can also be considered Symptoms of a flu-like infection affecting the gastrointestinal tract and caused by viruses. In addition, there is often diarrhea.
Such a flu-like infection is usually harmless and with sufficient rest and light food, it subsides by itself after a few days. A diet rich in vitamin C can help strengthen the immune system and accelerate healing.

In connection with fatigue

Abdominal pain, headache and fatigue are common expressions of this Stress and mental overload. Whether stress at work, at home, private worries and problems, all of these can lead to these symptoms and are often dismissed as harmless by those affected. However, it is important to correctly interpret these complaints and fight the causeso as to have serious or chronic illnesses, such as a Gastric ulcer, develop from it. In the event of sudden, persistent tiredness and abdominal pain that may be accompanied by vomiting, women should always refer to a possible existing one pregnancy think. Through the Hormonal changes many women especially complain iIn the early days about tiredness.

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Associated with a sore throat

In children in particular, sore throats and headaches are associated with a general feeling of illness and abdominal pain. For sore throats that appear in addition to abdominal pain and headache, there is probably a infection before that both Gastrointestinal tract, as well as the upper airways affected Has.

Usually such an infection viral conditionally, this is especially the case with children. Viral infections are mostly harmless and disappear again after a few days if there is sufficient rest. Abdominal pain isn't necessarily associated with the flu, but it can be a symptom.

But the infection is through bacteria conditional, the symptoms are usually more pronounced than with a viral infection. Such an infection is triggered, for example, by the bacterial group of streptococci, which are responsible for scarlet fever.

Associated with vomiting

The occurrence of abdominal pain and headache related Vomit is a common one Symptom complex in early pregnancy. By changing the hormonal balance in the female body, which is triggered by the fertilized egg, the body can react to the beginning pregnancy with these signs. However, these symptoms usually go away on their own after the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Takes the vomiting considerable proportions on, so should a Consulted a doctor as there is a risk of excessive fluid loss. It is important to do something about vomiting or nausea in order to avoid possible harm to the unborn child and the mother-to-be.

In connection with back pain

Often this complex of symptoms occurs in women during menstruation.

Abdominal pain, headache and back pain are one typical symptom complex in women during or just before menstruation. The shedding of the uterine lining, which is responsible for the bleeding, can cause abdominal cramps that can spread to the back. Headaches and nausea can also occur. These complaints usually last around 2 to 4 days and can be treated with pain relievers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol for very severe pain. Also one pregnancy can cause these symptoms, so if you do not have a menstrual period a test should be carried out and / or the gynecologist should be consulted.
In addition, headache and abdominal pain associated with back pain in both men and women can be an indication of a tumor in the abdomen. Pancreatic cancer, for example, typically manifests itself as pain that radiates in a belt-like manner to the back.

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Associated with diarrhea

Abdominal pain and headache associated with diarrhea are characteristic signs of gastrointestinal infection. This will in most cases triggered by viruses, less often by bacteria. A viral infection is usually harmless and goes away by itself after a few days. Much Rest, avoidance of physical activity and light diets are helpful here.

If the diarrhea is very fluid, occurs frequently, or lasts longer than three days, a doctor should be consulted. Here can Risk of dehydration due to excessive fluid loss. The diarrhea should then be stopped and it may be necessary to drink electrolyte solutions to counteract the loss of fluids.

Treatment / What to do

If abdominal pain and headaches persist, it is important to find out the cause and treat it.

Is there a Infection with bacteria before, it is mostly necessary to have one antibiotic to take. When diagnosing Irritable bowel syndrome is usually one Change of diet necessary, as well as a clarification of the cause and a possible stress reduction. Often times, this can only be accomplished through lifestyle changes. At long-standing and very severe migraines As a cause, it can help when the first symptoms that herald the migraine appear, Painkiller taking or special medication that help against severe migraines (triptans).

If there is no apparent physical cause, the symptoms can also be triggered as a reaction to excessive stress or other psychological stress. The point here is the Reduce stress. To improve well-being, the signs can also be temporary treated symptomatically become. Pain relieving medication such as ibuprofen, paracetamol or aspirin help against headaches. For abdominal pain, light diets are the first and easiest treatment method. Fatty foods and drinks should be avoided and only light foods such as rusks, bread or pasta should be eaten without sauce in order to relieve the gastrointestinal tract. If this does not help, a doctor should be consulted who can prescribe appropriate medication or enemas.

Home remedies

Against the stomach ache helps best warmth in the form of a hot water bottle or a grain pillow. Also the a headache can get better if you can relax more easily from pain relief. In addition, help Pretzel sticks and tea to improve the symptoms of a gastrointestinal infection. In the case of a headache, it is often found pleasant to have one cold rag to lay on the forehead. It is particularly important to make sure that you drink enough. Also the Temple massage Peppermint oil can provide relief, especially for tension headaches. Because headache and stomach ache often due to stress occur is the most important treatment is resting.

Abdominal pain and headache in the child

It is especially with children often difficult to seewhat is the cause of pain. Children tend to always project all pain onto the stomach. If the patient complains about diffuse abdominal pain, which is usually indicated in the middle of the abdomen, then diseases must always be considered in which abdominal pain is not one of the typical symptoms.
Frequently it is a harmless one Gastrointestinal infectionwhich causes abdominal pain and headache in children. Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea may also be additional symptoms. If this persists for several days, a A pediatrician. This is especially true in the event of a very large loss of fluids and possible refusal to drink. Signs of dehydration must be recognized in good time and the doctor may have to give the child an infusion so that they receive enough fluid.
Kick the child very severe headache on, so this is especially in connection with a Stiffness of the neck a warning sign. A doctor must urgently clarify whether a Meningitis with the child (meningitis) is present. If this is the case, therapy must be started as soon as possible.

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The duration of abdominal pain and headache

As symptoms of a harmless one Gastrointestinal infection should be the stomachache and the headache after a few days disappear on their own. If this is not the case, you should have a doctor examine whether there may be another cause behind it.
are mental stress and stress responsible for the combination of abdominal pain and headache, so keep the discomfort until the emotional stress subsides. Depending on the cause, this can take a long time and may last for several months.
Is a malignant disease the cause of the complaints, they last until Underlying disease is treated.