Description Dolphin swimming


The head dips into the water in front of the hands. The arms break through the waterline with the fingertips first. The legs are lower than the hips at this point and the swimming trunks are at the waterline. The head looking towards the bottom of the pool is slightly overstretched.

The Shoulders are pushed forward and the arms opened symmetrically underwater, Elbow point backwards / upwards. The direction of view is diagonally downwards. The palms of the hands face the pelvic floor so that the resistance is built up.

From this phase the arms begin to rotate inwards again. The elbows are high so that they can be taken over water more easily afterwards. By pulling the arms towards below the body, the swimmer is accelerated forwards.

The hands are brought together under the body. The hips are well below the waterline and the feet point diagonally upwards. You initiate the 1st leg kick. The body is in a wave-like movement.

The arms are turned outwards under the body to prepare for the pre-swing phase. The printing phase is over. The feet are moving upwards. The head has already broken through the surface of the water.

In this phase, the arms break through the waterline, elbows first. The feet are still well below the surface of the water and are guided upwards. The view is not directed towards the front but towards the surface of the water.

The arms are now completely above the surface of the water and the forward swing phase begins. The hip is still below the waterline and the lower legs and Feet point back and up and have already initiated the 2nd leg kick. In this phase inhalation occurs.

With the powerful kick of the legs, the upper body is lifted above the surface of the water. The arms are brought as far in front of the body as possible and the body is prepared for immersion. ! The head dips into the water in front of the hands!

The 2nd leg kick is ended. The head is immersed in the water in front of the arms. The wave-like movement is controlled by the head.

A new dolphin cycle is initiated s. Image 1

Movement sequence

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