Homeopathy for winter depression

Aurum metallicum / gold powder

Homeopathy for winter depression
  • Psychologically, anxiety, fear, melancholy and depression are in the foreground
  • The patient is initially performance-oriented, characterized by physical and mental activity. This activity turns into desperate, brooding melancholy, self-accusation, thoughts of suicide.
  • Poor memory accompanies depression
  • Sensitive to cold
  • Often high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries

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Aurum iodatum

  • Sensitive to cold
  • pronounced hardening of the arteries
  • the depressive moods are somewhat softened (in contrast to Aurum metallicum)

Hypericum perforatum / St. John's wort

As soon as winter depression due to Calcifications of the cerebral vessels must occur Hypericum be thought of as homeopathic remedies. Even if you are looking for a concussion form.

  • General tendency to melancholy and to crying, tired, exhausted, sleepy
  • Very sensitive to cold
  • Rush of blood to the head
  • When injured, patients tend to Numbness on the affected parts of the body

Acidum phosphoricum / phosphoric acid

  • Mental mood, indifference, Daytime sleepiness and Difficulty concentrating
  • insomnia, frequently a headache with rush of blood to the head
  • Feeling bruised in muscles and joints
  • Great physical and mental weakness.

All complaints aggravate themselves at night and by cold, they mend by warmth.

Cimicifuga / bug herb

Winter depression that occurs during menopause, hysterical and depressive attitude. Restless motor skills, cannot sit still, has to walk around, not concentrating.

Often headache as if a wedge had been driven into the head from behind. In the abdomen, a feeling of "being pushed down".

Cimicifuga has been very common during menopause rheumatic joint problems.

Also underactive thyroid can promote depressive mood here, accompanying nervous heart problems

Ignatia / Ignatius bean

  • Depressed mood with irritable weakness, increased excitability, great moodiness, Self-blame and tearfulness
  • Feeling weak in the stomach
  • Temporal headache as if a nail were being driven in

Contradictions are also evident in the symptoms, for example headaches are relieved by bending over, stomach pain and nausea are relieved by eating.

Ailments worsen after grief and Fright, Crying fits, Globe feeling in the throatlike a lump.

The symptoms worsen with every physical and mental exertion and after excitement as well as through grief, fright and fear.

Mandragora e radice / Alraune

  • Winter depression with irritability, reluctance to work, lack of interest, Lack of concentration up to apathy and sleepiness, limbs as heavy as lead with Muscle aches
  • Illusions and numbness all over the body
  • Mostly cold hands and feet, hot head
  • Circulatory problems with a cold sweat on his forehead

After heavy eating nocturnal bowel cramps. Pain in stomach fasting, relieved by bending backwards.

In general, the symptoms improve with warmth, lying down and rest. The Body aches improve with continued movement.

Sepia / squid

The homeopathic remedy is particularly suitable as soon as winter depression begins in the menopause. Irritable, moody women with a lot Hot flashes, still frostiness. Inclination to cold feet, to hot head.

In the morning after getting up everything is worse, the women get going very slowly, but in the evening they are very lively and talkative.

in the Abdomen feeling of "being pushed down".

In general, warm, stuffy air is not tolerated in rooms full of people.

The symptoms improve in the evening and through Exercise in the fresh air

China / cinchona tree

  • Depressive mood with great general weakness, much thirst, exhaustion and sleepiness
  • Tinnitus, Dizziness, Palpitation, yellowish pallor
  • Loss of appetite, feeling of fullness after eating, debilitating diarrhea after every meal

The symptoms are aggravated by cold, wet conditions, after eating and at night. General improvement from warmth.

Pulsatilla / Pasque Flower

  • Despondent and feeble, tearful and moody
  • Sensitive mind with the need for encouragement and consolation, thus quick improvement
  • Blonde, fair-skinned and blue-eyed people
  • General chilliness, often cold feet
  • Tendency to develop Varicose veins on the legs
  • The patients cannot stand tobacco smoke.

Despite the fact that women are cold a lot, the symptoms worsen in the warmth and at rest. Improvement with exercise and outdoors in the fresh air.

Platinum metallicum / metallic platinum

  • Depressive mood, Anxiety and melancholy, which can suddenly turn into exuberance or irritability
  • Arrogant and arrogant towards other people, little compassion
  • a headache slowly increasing and decreasing. The complaints slowly increase and also decrease again
  • All pains have a constricting and spasmodic character.

The mood improves in the open air, in the fresh air.

Stramonium / thorn apple

  • Depressive mood with fear and anxiety, great excitement, loquacity
  • Desires for light and company
  • Hot face, bright red and sweaty.

The symptoms worsen in the dark, but also in too bright light.