Opioids such as Fentanyl are used in sport as an intoxicant for doping. This is not about the immediate increase in performance, but rather about suppressing the pain-related interruption of a load.

Opioids are divided into the body's own opioids, which the organism releases in painful situations, and external opioids used for therapeutic treatment or abusive treatment in doping. Opioids have a morphine-like effect and thus have a numbing effect. Opiate is the active ingredient in opium. Synthetic opioids are made from the milk of the opium poppy.


Opioids have a broad spectrum of activity. In relation to sport, however, the most important effect is pain relief or pain suppression. Opioids are widely used in pharmaceuticals and the anesthesia used. They belong to the subgroup of analgesics and develop their specific effect on special receptors of the nerve cells.

Side effects

Taking opioids causes the organism to adapt through increased enzyme activity. This leads to a weakening of the effect and the dose must be increased continuously. Opioids can also be a Nausea trigger, have a stimulating effect on intestinal activity and lower the Heart rate and thus the stroke volume. After stopping the opioids you may experience withdrawal symptoms as well depressions, flu-like symptoms and seizures.


An overdose of the opioids results in a toxic reaction. This reaction occurs when the dosage is unknown and with suicidal intent. Signs of this poisoning are airway obstruction and unrevivable coma.

Endogenous endogenous to the body

In stressful situations there is a release of the body's own Opioids. The feeling of pain and hunger is suppressed. Opioids are involved in the development of euphoria, regulation of breathing, immune system and heat balance. The body's own opioids are released in the event of injury, emotional stimulation and UV light.

In summary

Considering that Opioids in the doping are used to prevent the pain-related loss of performance in competition, it is not only hazardous to health but also has to be considered for reasons of sports ethics. In Germany, opioids are subject to the narcotics law, so any inappropriate use will be prosecuted. In this context, it is expressly pointed out that taking it is associated with numerous risks.

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