Subclavian muscle


Latin: subclavius ​​muscle
English: subclavius ​​muscle


The subclavian muscle is a short, narrow muscle that belongs to the deeper shoulder and chest muscles. It is supplied with blood via the internal thoracic artery.

First and foremost, it stabilizes the collarbone. In addition, it protects neighboring structures, namely the arteria and subclavian veins as well as the brachial plexus, by cushioning them from the bone.


Approach: Underside of the collarbone

Origin: first rib and first costal cartilage

Innervation: Subclavian nerve (C5, C6)


The subclavian muscle stabilizes this Collarbone and cushions adjacent arteries and veins, as well as nerve cords against it. When tense, he pulls his collarbone down.