What is the best way to crush kidney stones?

How are kidney stones smashed?

Of the Kidney stone shatterers comes in at one of the most successful therapy options for Kidney stones of all types from a size of more than an inch used and can have a success rate of about 90% record. This therapy is known as Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWL) or also Lithotripsy.

The disintegrator works according to the following principle: With the help of an ultrasound device, the exact location of the kidney stone is determined. Then bundled sound waves (shock waves) are directed at the stone under permanent ultrasound control. These high-energy waves break the stone into tiny fragments. These are then small enough that the body can excrete them in the urine by itself.

Advantages over other treatment options for kidney stones are, firstly, that this therapy mostly occurs outpatient can take place, i.e. the patient can be spared an exhausting long hospital stay. On the other hand, it is non-invasive, that means it does not have to be operated on, so the patient needs it no general anesthesia and it has to no skin incision be set.
In addition, the ESWL by those affected as hardly painful and felt less stressful. The most unpleasant of the Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is the resulting one Noise levelagainst which the patient is given hearing protection. The most important point in favor of this method is of course that high success score. This measure should not take place pregnant patients and in people with untreated Urinary tract infections.

The first successful application of a Kidney Stone Crusher took place in the year 1980. Meanwhile, something is about 90% of all kidney stones in the industrialized nations treated with this therapy, in Germany the number of annual applications is approximately 21.000.