Is Colon Cancer Curable?


Colon cancer is curable. Compared to other types of cancer, the chances of survival of a therapy are very good.
If colon cancer is detected and treated early, it is around 90%. With colon cancer screening, cancer can be detected before it causes symptoms. Furthermore, the preliminary stages of colon cancer can be identified and removed.

Which factors determine whether colon cancer is curable?

The most important factor is operability, i.e. whether the tumor can be completely removed in an operation without damaging other vital structures. As a rule, however, colon tumors are, in contrast to other tumor types, quite easily accessible surgically. A cure is not possible without surgical removal of the tumor.
Furthermore, the curability depends on whether the tumor has already spread to other organs. If such tumor tissue is located in other organs, it is called a metastasis. Metastases massively reduce the curability and chance of survival. Individual metastases can still be removed. However, the survival rates are still only 5-10%. In the event that at least 2 organs are already affected by metastases, colon cancer is unfortunately no longer curable. There is only a palliative, i.e. dying, therapy.
Since the chances of recovery from colon cancer in the early stages are very good, early detection and therapy start are important. In colon cancer screening, the preliminary stages of colon cancer can be identified and removed.

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Which therapeutic measures have a positive effect on curability?

The therapeutic measures depend on the tumor stage. In tumors that are still quite small and have not spread to regional lymph nodes, surgical removal of the tumor is sufficient for healing.
If lymph nodes have been infiltrated by the cancer, radio and / or chemotherapy is also carried out before or after the operation. In radiotherapy, the tumor tissue is irradiated with the help of ionizing radiation and thus destroyed. In chemotherapy, drugs are given that attack and kill rapidly dividing cells, including tumor cells. However, surgical removal of the tumor is always necessary.
Unfortunately, there are no further therapeutic measures to positively influence the curability. However, since the therapy requires a lot of strength, both physically and mentally, it is important to pay attention to your general health. Relatives and friends can also support those affected so that they can concentrate with their energy on the therapy.
In alternative medicine there are also various remedies that are supposed to help against cancer, such as the mistletoe. However, the scientific basis for this is missing. Mistletoe therapy can also be used at personal request and after consultation with the doctor. In no case should mistletoe therapy be relied on alone.

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Is colon cancer with metastases still curable?

Metastases in colon cancer unfortunately have a very poor prognosis. As long as only one organ is affected by metastases, there are still chances of recovery. However, these are relatively low at 10%. Whether a metastasis can be surgically removed depends on its location.
A common organ that is affected by metastases is the liver. The metastases in the liver can be surgically removed as long as there is enough intact liver tissue left. However, here too the survival rate is only 5-10%.
Whether the metastases can be removed also depends on whether they can be surgically accessible without damaging vital structures. It is not infrequently the case that when metastases already exist, micrometastases have already formed. These are easily overlooked due to their very small size. After the cancer and the metastases have been successfully removed, metastases may reappear after a while in a check-up.
In order to have the highest chance of recovery, a very intensive and strenuous therapy takes place. In addition to the operation, radiation and chemotherapy are carried out to kill any metastases.

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At what stage is colon cancer no longer curable?

The first crucial point as to whether colon cancer is curable depends on the operability of the cancer.
If colon cancer is inoperable, the chances of recovery are marginal. The operability depends on various factors - on the one hand on the anatomical conditions, such as the localization and the infiltration of other structures. Colon cancer is often recognized in time in this regard so that it can be surgically reached.On the other hand, the operability depends on the health of the patient. In some cases, surgery cannot be performed on very old and / or seriously ill patients.

Another important factor is the presence of metastases. If more than one organ is affected by metastases, palliative therapy is initiated. This means that there is no therapy to cure the cancer, only therapy to improve the quality of life and extend the remaining life.

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Can colon cancer be cured without therapy?

Although there are repeated reports in which people with cancer are cured without therapy, it is not realistic that a cure will take place without therapy. If the colon cancer is detected, therapy should be given as soon as possible.
Without therapy, the tumor continues to grow and there is a risk that metastases will form. The undisturbed tumor growth increases the symptoms such as digestive problems, exhaustion and weight loss and the quality of life decreases. However, tumor growth and the severity of the symptoms vary greatly from person to person.

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