Bone tumor

Synonyms in the broader sense

Bone cancer, bone carcinoma

Also read:

  • bone

Appearance of bone tumor

A distinction is made between different types of bone tumors (Pluaral of bone tumor).
According to their allocation, there are different therapeutic approaches, some of which differ considerably.
Depending on the type of tumor, there are two age peaks in the incidence of the disease. One peak is during adolescence and the second peak in old age, so that one form of bone tumor occurs almost exclusively in childhood or adolescence, while other forms only occur in old age.

The most common bone tumors are listed below as individual topics.

Figure bone structure

Figure Structure of the long bones of an adult (A) and a child (B)

a - epiphysis
(Bone end)
b - metaphysis
(active growth zone)
c - diaphysis
(Bone shaft)

  1. Sponge-like built
    Bone with red
    Bone marrow -
    Spongiosa substantia
    Medulla ossium rubra
  2. Epiphyseal line -
    Epiphysial line
  3. Dense (compact) bone -
    Substantia compacta
  4. Medullary cavity with yellow
    Bone marrow -
    Cavitas medullaris
    + Medulla ossium flava
  5. Bony artery -
    Nutrician artery
  6. Periosteum -
  7. Osteon (basic functional unit) -
  8. Spaces filled with bone marrow
    between the trabeculae -
    Medulla ossium
  9. Growth plate -
    Lamina epiphysialis

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Forms of bone tumors

A distinction is made between different forms, depending on their origin.

You can find further information on these forms:

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