Nasic®, known as the classic nasal spray, is a drug from the Klosterfrau brand for use in the nose. It contains the active ingredients xylometazoline and dexpanthenol. The medicinal solution is distributed inside the nose in the form of a spray via a system that is inserted directly into the nose. Nasic® is a pharmacy-only drug and can therefore only be acquired by specialists in a pharmacy. Children and adolescents have the option of receiving Nasic® on prescription from their attending physician, while adults have to reimburse the drug themselves.

Active ingredient and application

Nasic® belongs to the group of nasal decongestant sprays and contains a combination of active ingredients: On the one hand xylometazoline, which is the small Narrowed vessels in the nose and so decongestant acts on the mucous membranes, on the other hand dexpanthenol to Protection of the mucous membrane as well as theirs Wound healing promotion. The effect continues after a few minutes and for at most eight hours a.
The most common area of ​​application for Nasic® is classic stuffy nose or the sniff at cold. Furthermore, Nasic® is also used for symptomatic therapy in a Nasal obstruction after operations as well as during minor skin and mucous membrane injuries used in the area of ​​the nose.
A special area of ​​application is Vasomotor rhinitis, the so-called runny nose, in which there is a permanent non-allergic and non-inflammatory Nasal congestion comes.
Via the tube-like connection of the middle ear to the nasopharynx, the ear trumpet, Nasic® even enables the swelling of the mucous membranes inside it. Especially with painful ones Otitis media this can contribute to better ventilation of the middle ear and enable pressure equalization.
Nasic® should - in the short term - no longer than seven days in one piece and a maximum of three times a day - be applied. If you are not sure about the use of Nasic, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. In addition, Nasic® should only be administered to children in consultation with a doctor.

Instructions for use

The Nasic® dosing spray is ready to use. Remove the protective cap from the spray device and insert it into the desired nostril. Use your index and ring fingers to take a puff of spray. For hygienic reasons, the inserted end should be wiped after use.
If you forget to take Nasic®, do not take a double dose, but continue the treatment as usual. Nasic® should Light and moisture protected at room temperature in the original bottle stored become. If the expiry date on the package has been reached, you must no longer use it. In general, Nasic® nasal spray out of the reach of children be kept.
Nasic® can be sent to a local Dependence of their nasal mucosa Lead: With long-term use dries out the nasal mucosa. If you stop using Nasic® abruptly or if the drug is less effective, it can lead to a so-called rebound effect: A increased swelling the nasal mucosa with increased mucus formation are the consequence. The result is a vicious circle that can only be broken by using the decongestant nasal spray again. So pay attention to the limited use of one week and do not use Nasic® other than prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist!

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According to the manufacturer, Nasic® is nasal spray Can be used for up to twelve weeks after opening and should be disposed of afterwards. It should be noted, however, that continuous use should only take place for a maximum of one week.

If a nasal spray is used that has been open for more than twelve weeks, this does not mean that it is dangerous or that it no longer has any effect. Nevertheless, this should be avoided, especially if it is not clear when the medication was opened or if the bottle is dirty.

Like almost every drug, Nasic® also comes with one Expiration date marked. This should be on the bottle. If it has expired, it should Medicines no longer used and disposed of as soon as possible. Normally the shelf life of Nasic® is around three years as long as it has not been opened.


When determining the dosage of Nasic®, as with any medicinal product, the Instructions in the package insert and, if necessary, the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist consequences.

Adults and school children allowed to One spray each up to three times a day Administer per nostril.

With side effects, such as a burning sensation in the nose, Nasic® is allowed no longer used become. The nasal spray is also allowed no more than a week be used in one piece, otherwise damage to the mucous membrane and dependence can occur.

Nasic® nasal spray for children

There is a separate product Nasic® nasal spray for children, which can be used by two to six year olds with a runny nose or cold. It contains the decongestant active ingredient in Nasic® (xylometazoline hydrochloride) in a lower concentration, which means that each puff contains less active ingredient.

Children under two years of age and babies must not be treated with Nasic® for children.

The use of the Nasic® adult nasal spray is recommended for older children. The dosage is the same, which means that one puff per nostril can be administered up to three times a day. Nasic® for children must also not be used for more than a week at a time.

If you have an illness with impaired nasal breathing, you should consult your pediatrician or family doctor. It may be useful to prescribe a nasal spray containing salt water.

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Side effects

Even one that seems harmless at first Nasal spray like Nasic® has side effects. These include, among others Restlessness, insomnia or a headache.
Due to the vasoconstricting effect of Nasic® - also outside the nose - it can Palpitations, high blood pressure, one accelerated pulse and in exceptional cases cardiac rhythm disturbances occur. However, the opposite, tiredness and increased sleepiness, can also occur. If you are allergic to Nasic®, hypersensitivity reactions in the sense of itching, Rash up to life-threatening shock.
With frequent use of Nasic®, the Dry out nasal mucosa. The reduced mucus production goes hand in hand with a simultaneously reduced local defense in the nose. Pathogens and germs can thus settle on the nasal mucosa and lead to inflammation. In addition, even minimal stimuli lead to increased nosebleeds.
After long-term use, abrupt discontinuation or when the effect of Nasic® diminishes, reactively increased mucus build-up inside the nose. At Children it occurs frequently under Nasic® Hallucinations or in rare cases too Convulsions.
If you notice one of the mentioned side effects or other unpleasant symptoms in connection with the use of Nasic®, stop taking it and contact your doctor or pharmacist. If you have accidentally taken too much Nasic®, the symptoms of Overdose, with fever, nausea and vomiting, cramps, circulatory or cardiac rhythm disorders up to cardiac arrest, respiratory or consciousness disorders. Communicate You in this case necessarily a doctorto take appropriate countermeasures.

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Dependence on nasal spray

If Nasic® is used longer than recommended (a maximum of one week at a time), it can easily lead to an addiction to the nasal spray. It creates a permanent swelling of the nasal mucosa having blocked breathing through the nose. Only by using Nasic® again can short-term relief and breathing be made easier.

This Dependency can only through withdrawal, which initially leads to more impaired nasal breathing, should be treated. It can be tried supporting seawater-containing nosepray to use at this stage. It is essential to ensure that this does not contain the active ingredient of Nasic® (xylometazoline hydrochloride), as this is responsible for the addiction.

Those who cannot get rid of their addiction to Nasic® on their own should get the Support of the family doctor take advantage of.


Nasic® Nasal spray should not be used if you are allergic or sensitive to it. Even if you are hypersensitive to the preservative benzalkonium chloride, you should not use Nasic®. Nasic® is not suitable for children under six years of age.For the little ones among us, there are special preparations with lower doses of active ingredients.
Also, a cold is not always the same: for one dry inflammation of the nasal mucosa should you Do not use Nasic®as it can worsen the dryness inside the nose.
Another Contraindication represents the taking antihypertensive drugs, such as Antidepressants from the group of monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Due to their effects on the vascular system, together with Nasic® they can trigger unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and even cardiac rhythm disorders. The same effect also occurs with previous diseases of the cardiovascular system, such as heart failure or high blood pressure. Here, too, the vasoconstricting effect of Nasic® in conjunction with the diseases mentioned leads to the symptoms already mentioned.
Is one with you Hyperthyroidism, a Diabetes mellitus, one Enlargement of the prostate or a Adrenal tumor known, you should not use Nasic® without consulting your doctor. The consequence here can be a worsening of the symptoms of the respective clinical pictures. Even with one increased pressure in the eye, the glaucoma, Nasic® can negatively affect the disease and lead to a deterioration in vision.
If there are signs of a chronic, i.e. permanent cold, you should not use Nasic® long-term. There is a risk of nasal mucosal shrinkage. In extreme cases, the image can be called the Smelly nose caused by the throttled blood and Nutrient intake of the Mucous membrane this comes to death.

Nasic® and alcohol - are they compatible?

There is no between the active ingredient of Nasic® and alcohol known direct influences, so that the use of the drug is generally compatible with alcohol.

The nasal spray should only be used for supportive treatment of colds or other diseases that lead to impaired nasal breathing. Therefore, alcohol should not be consumed, especially in large quantities. Of the Alcohol consumption hinders the healing process and can delay recovery.

Effectiveness of the pill given while taking Nasic®?

The The anti-baby pill and all other contraceptives are also effective when Nasic® is used, since the active ingredient has no influence on the hormonal effect.

Even if Nasic® is accidentally swallowed through the throat, the pill has no reduced effectiveness.

Can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Due to insufficient data and experience, use with Nasic® during pregnancy and Lactation be waived.

It is not known whether Nasic® passes through the placenta to the unborn child or into breast milk, which is why a risk to the child cannot be ruled out with certainty. Therefore Nasic® and other nasal sprays with the active ingredient xylometazoline hydrochloride should not be used during breastfeeding. The Use of nasal sprays containing seawater is on the other hand both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding harmless.


In addition to Nasic®, there are various other nasal sprays that contain the same active ingredient. In addition, the use of nasal spray containing seawater be an alternative, as these also lead to a swelling of the mucous membranes and thus improve nasal breathing. The effect is where appropriate less strongthat's what it is for but gentler and can also be used over a longer period of time.

A alternative administration of the active ingredient from Nasic® for example in tablet form there is no such thing. If the obstructed nasal breathing persists or occurs independently of a cold, an ear, nose and throat doctor should be consulted if necessary. In some cases, minor surgery may be necessary to relieve breathing.