Figure tooth anatomy

Illustration of the tooth support apparatus and fine structure of the tooth: from the front (A) and schematic sectional view (B)

a - tooth crown - Corona dentis
b - tooth neck - Cervix dentis
c - tooth root - Radix dentis

  1. Tooth enamel -
  2. Dentin (= dentine) -
  3. Tooth pulp in the tooth cavity -
    Pulp dentis in Cavitas dentis
  4. Gums -
  5. Root canal
  6. Cement -
  7. Root skin - Periodontium
  8. Opening of the tooth root tip -
    Foramen apicale dentis
  9. Nerve fibers
  10. Alveolar bone (tooth-bearing
    Part of the jawbone) -
    Pars alveolaris
    (Alveolar process)
  11. Blood vessels
  12. Tooth root tip -
    Apex denitis
  13. Point of division of the tooth roots
    (Fork) - Bifurcation
  14. Tooth furrow

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