German term

Malacca nut

Use of Anacardium for the following diseases

  • Ulcers of the duodenum
  • Blistering rashes
  • persistent constipation

Use for the following symptoms / complaints of Anacardium

  • Loss of appetite
  • Fasting pain in the upper abdomen, with improvement after eating
  • generally depressed mood
  • nervous exhaustion
  • Rashes with pustules and blisters that are very persistent
  • Constipation with the sensation of a blockage (also with Silicea) in the anus and the feeling of "never being finished" after defecation

Active organs

  • Duodenum
  • skin
  • Rectum
  • central nervesystem

Usual dosage


  • Drops of Anacardium D3, D4, D6
  • Tablets Anacardium D3, D4, D6
  • Ampoules Anacardium D6.12 and higher