Bandage for achilles tendonitis


Bandages for Achilles tendonitis are primarily used to stabilize the ankle. The Achilles tendon therefore has to do less stabilization work, which leads to a relief of the tendon. At the same time, the bandage can exert a slight compression on the ankle and lower calf. This can reduce the swelling caused by the Achilles tendonitis. Depending on the manufacturer, the bandages have different additional functions. Some are more stabilizing in the ankle, others have a markedly longer portion for the calf. Different functions can be supported depending on the specific complaints.

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Athletes (joggers, soccer players, etc.) are particularly often affected by the Achilles tendonitis disease. In many cases, the cause of the Achilles tendonitis cannot be identified at first. Therefore, the treatment requires a lot of experience. I focus on Achilles tendonitis.

The aim of every treatment is treatment without surgery with a complete recovery of performance.

Which therapy achieves the best results in the long term can only be determined after looking at all of the information (Examination, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc.) be assessed.

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These bandages exist

The bandages used for Achilles tendonitis are very similar in terms of their functions. The Morsa Achilloberg is a very slim support that primarily stabilizes the ankle joint and thus relieves the Achilles tendon. The AchilloTrain enables particularly good mobility of the ankle. In contrast, the AchilloHit is much more stabilizing and has additional Velcro fasteners to better adjust the fit. The Achimed bandage has two differently sized pads in order to be able to optimally adjust the massage effect over the Achilles tendon. In Achillomotion, the calf shaft is particularly long, which supports the Achilles tendon over a longer distance.


AchilloTrain is a support specially developed for Achilles tendon inflammation and irritation by Bauerfeind. The bandage is pulled over the foot, but leaves the toes free. On the calf, it extends about 10 to 15 cm above the ankle. The bandage is made of a particularly elastic and breathable material and hardly restricts the mobility of the foot. A pad that rests directly on the Achilles tendon creates a light massage effect with every step. This can stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, which allows the body to fight inflammation more effectively. At the same time, the additional pressure reduces swelling and water retention. The AchilloTrain has incorporated a cushioning cushion under the heel, so that pain in the heel bone, which is often associated with Achilles tendonitis, can be reduced. If you don't have any complaints at this point, you can remove the heel wedge. When using the heel wedge, an additional heel cushion can be worn on the other foot to compensate for a difference in leg length. Like all Bauerfeind bandages, the AchilloTrain is typically made of light gray, elastic material, with blue material indicating particularly stabilizing parts.


Achimed is a bandage from Medi. It is mainly used to compress the Achilles tendon and thus has an increased effect against water retention and swelling. In addition, a particularly compressive material in combination with a silicone pad creates a massage effect on the Achilles tendon. The bandage is available with two different sized pads and can therefore be easily adapted to the size of the foot. In addition, different levels of stability can be achieved through the use of different pads. The bandage can therefore be used for both acute and chronic Achilles tendinitis. It can also be used immediately post-traumatically and after an operation. In contrast to the AchilloTrain bandage, the Achimed is slightly shorter on the foot and extends to about half of the metatarsal bones. It is about 15 to 20 cm long on the calf. The current Achimed bandage is black with a pink border. In addition to the bandage, two heel wedges are available that can be used, for example, for a heel spur. They should always be used on both sides at the same time in order to prevent different leg lengths and thus an increased strain on the damaged side.


The AchilloMotion is a support from BSN medical.The foot part of the bandage extends to about half of the metatarsus, the calf part is about 20 to 25 cm long and is therefore relatively high. A particularly long pad over the Achilles tendon ensures high stability and a massage effect. As a result, the bandage reduces pain when exerted, and it also counteracts swelling and water retention. The heel zone of the bandage is additionally reinforced to provide stability in the shoe. As with the other bandages, there are two heel wedges for the bandage. These can be used for problems with the heel bone, but should always be worn on both sides when used. The AchilloMotion can primarily be worn immediately post-traumatic, but it also helps to improve symptoms in chronic irritation. The bandage can be worn for several weeks and is also wearable during exercise. The bandage is currently light gray / green with a purple cuff.


The AchilloStabil is an Achilles tendon support from Bort. It has a rather short calf shaft and closes at about half of the metatarsal bones on the foot. The fabric of the AchilloStabil is particularly flexible in order to offer more elasticity. In between there are stiffer strips that allow good stability. The pad on and next to the Achilles tendon is rather thick and has a strong massage effect. In addition to the support, two heel wedges are available, which further relieve the Achilles tendon. The AchilloStabil is currently available in three colors: skin-colored, silver / gray and black. The bandage is used especially for chronic irritation of the Achilles tendon. The bandage can also be worn with isolated pressure pain over the Achilles tendon. The AchilloStabil is also suitable for an Achilles tendon inflammation, a ruptured Achilles tendon or Haglund's heel. It can also be worn for bursitis.

These are the alternatives to the bandage

As an alternative to the bandage, the ankle and calf can be taped. A rather firm or elastic tape can be used as required. Heel wedges are also used; to relieve the Achilles tendon. In addition to bandages and other stabilizing aids, physiotherapy is important to increase the stability of the ankle and to relieve the Achilles tendon. Anyone who has well-developed muscles can treat an Achilles tendon without a bandage and only work with stretching and stabilization exercises. In addition, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs should be used if there are symptoms.

Wedges as an alternative to the bandage

Heel wedges are often worn in addition to bandages in Achilles tendonitis. The wedges put the foot in a slightly more stretched position. This means that the Achilles tendon is not stretched quite as much when you run and is thus relieved with every step. When using the heel wedges, it is important to use them on both sides. Otherwise there will be differences in leg length, which can cause asymmetrical strain on the legs. The wedges can also be used with accompanying complaints such as a heel spur or a bursitis under the heel.

Tape as an alternative to a bandage

Instead of a bandage, the ankle can be taped. It is important to distinguish between two different types of tape. On the one hand, there is the stable, mostly white tape, which is primarily used to stabilize the ankle. This is particularly helpful in the case of Achilles tendonitis immediately post-traumatic or in acute inflammation. Later, when more mobility in the ankle should be possible again, the elastic tape is more suitable. Mostly kinesio tape is used for this, which is classically available in the colors blue, pink, skin-colored and black. The tape supports the pulling of the Achilles tendon and thus reduces the stress on the tendon. However, it has little or no stabilizing effect on the ankle

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