Abdominal pain - what to do


Abdominal pain can have many different causes. In many cases, simple Home remedies help. In general, there is one behind most abdominal pain muscular spasm or flatulence, well Flatulence or too much air in the stomach in general. It often helps to combat these complaints by getting one Rest to treat yourself and to lie in bed with a hot water bottle on your stomach or on your back.

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In the case of abdominal pain, as with all complaints, one should carefully observe the course of the pain. If symptoms persist for a long time, are very severe or even worsen, you should always consult a doctor or a hospital. It could be caused by a dangerous disease affecting the abdominal organs. You should also pay attention to the nature of the pain. When it comes to so-called colicky pain that suddenly gets worse, there is usually a disease behind it that should be treated. The gallbladder is a common cause of such complaints. This can be inflamed, for example, or a stone can obstruct the bile ducts. In this case, hospital treatment is indicated. If there are other symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, it is also advisable to consult a family doctor. After the physical exam and a personal interview, they can best assess what needs to be done.

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Pain medication is a way to treat abdominal pain yourself. This can be useful if the pain is temporary and has harmless causes. However, one should not forget that pain killers only combat the symptoms, not the cause of the discomfort, and still take the necessary rest, recovery and time to relax.

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Home remedies for stomach ache

Many exist to treat abdominal pain various home remedies. Whether a home remedy can be used is conventional medicine Medication are better suited or a doctor should be given for help depends on the causative illness, of the Intensity of abdominal pain and from Accompanying symptoms.

A sign that Abdominal pain harmless are, for example, accompanying symptoms such as mild diarrhea or a bloated stomach, which make a simple gastrointestinal infection or flatulence likely, or the occurrence of slight symptoms during your period or after consuming very spicy or acidic foods. In such cases you can Home remedies for relief and promote the healing process.

One of the most commonly used home remedies is the Application of heat. she relaxed the gastrointestinal tract and can relieve pain. Heat can be applied to the stomach, for example, with a hot water bottle, a warm cherry stone pillow or a warm, moist envelope and should act for about 10 minutes. It is advisable to also take a lying position in a quiet environment and bend your legs slightly. This ensures mental relaxation and leads to Relief of the abdomen.

In addition, various Teas Relieve abdominal pain. Camomile tea For example, in addition to a mild antibacterial effect, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is why it can be used for stomach upset or slight inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa. If fresh chamomile is used in the preparation, no more than ten flowers should be brewed in one liter of water, otherwise the symptoms can be worsened.

Stepping up to the stomach ache Flatulence and bloating, is Fennel anise caraway tea a well-suited home remedy. It can be bought or freshly boiled by pounding the seeds into small pieces and usually has an antispasmodic and relaxing effect.

In patients with Diarrhea and abdominal pain can for example be a Dried blueberry tea help very well.

One food that is well tolerated for various causes of abdominal pain is that potato. Dishes such as jacket potatoes, potatoes or boiled potatoes are easy to digest even with gastrointestinal infections and, because they are slightly alkaline, can partially neutralize stomach acid.

Can be used to relieve symptoms of recurring abdominal pain yogurt contribute. Yogurt contains bacteria that can stabilize the intestinal flora.

Another classic home remedy is that vegetable soup (with or without chicken). Many acute abdominal pains are caused by muscular tension or too much air in the abdomen.

Here can Lavender bath possibly help. Lavender has been shown to be calming and help you relax better.

Another traditional home remedy is the so-called Chamomile compress. Here, fresh chamomile is added to a liter of boiling water. Then you let the chamomile soak in the water for 10 minutes, at the same time the water cools down to a pleasant temperature. The patient can now soak a cotton cloth with the chamomile water and place it on his stomach. It is therefore a beneficial home remedy for abdominal pain.

  • Lavender as a medicinal plant
  • Fennel as a medicinal plant
  • Chamomile as a medicinal plant

When using home remedies, it must be remembered that the appearance of severe symptoms - for example very severe abdominal pain, blood in the stool, violent or bloody Vomit, high fever, severe diarrhea or a clear, unwanted one Weight loss - as soon as possible to one Doctor visit should lead. This can be done through diagnostic measures Investigate cause of abdominal pain. In some cases, abdominal pain is caused by medical conditions that require ongoing medical attention.

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Since potentially dangerous medical conditions can be responsible for abdominal pain, it makes sense, especially when severe or long-lasting symptoms as well as if accompanying symptoms such as bloody diarrhea, severe vomiting, yellowing of the skin and high fever occur doctor to seek out before a Self-therapy with homeopathic or other medicines is started.
Many people with abdominal pain prefer naturopathic therapy.

Homeopathic medicines are one of the possible alternatives for such people. The choice of the right homeopathic remedy depends on the type of complaint.
At cramping pain and gas can Homeopathic medicines containing chamomile help while with sudden colic and Menstrual cramps homeopathic medicines with Deadly nightshade should be helpful.
Will the stomach ache from Constipation or from heartburn triggered, homeopathics are used with Nugget recommended.
At Food intolerance and after ingesting spoiled food Okoubaka can be applied.

How can you treat stomach pain herbal?

As with conventional medical therapy for abdominal pain, herbal treatment also depends on the cause and type of symptoms.

For abdominal pain as part of a Irritable bowel syndrome Various drugs can relieve symptoms. Combination preparations like Iberogast®, essential oils from peppermint, fennel, caraway and lemon balm, spicy foods from the Gallant or ginger root such as Mustard oil are among the most frequently used drugs.

Go with slight abdominal pain Loss of appetite and nausea along with it, means with vegetable bitter substances, for example from the Gentian root, the dandelion or that Yarrow herbthat stimulate digestion and relieve symptoms.

With abdominal pain through excessive stomach acid Sometimes plants help with mucilage. This includes the Marshmallow root, Icelandic moss and linseed.

If there is a slight infection or a slight inflammation, chamomile tea can relieve symptoms. It should be noted that especially in the case of severe or long-lasting abdominal pain and the occurrence of accompanying symptoms before self-therapy with herbal medicines serious illnesses should be ruled out by the family doctor or specialist.

Schüssler salts for abdominal pain

Various preparations selected by the homeopathic doctor Schüßler are referred to as Schüssler salts Mineral salts Contained in very low homeopathic doses. According to him, Schuessler limited the salts on the basis of one of his different mode of action from homeopathy.

According to proponents, they can be used for almost all diseases, including abdominal pain of various causes. In conventional medicine, however, no effect of the Schüssler salts can be determined. There will also be a stomach ache not demonstrably influenced.

What to do with colicky stomach pain

What to do with colicky abdominal pain depends very much on how severe the symptoms are and in what context they occur. In the case of severe colic and accompanying symptoms such as flank pain, bloody diarrhea, severe vomiting, yellowing of the skin and high fever, a doctor should be consulted immediately to clarify the cause.
The risk of the presence of a disease requiring treatment such as kidney stones, gallstones, a vascular obstruction in the intestine or an intestinal tumor increases significantly with such symptoms.

Mild to moderate, colicky abdominal pain often has harmless causes such as flatulence, menstrual bleeding, a gastrointestinal infection or irritable bowel syndrome. The drug butylscopalamin, also known as Buscopan®, can be used for many forms of abdominal cramps. It relieves colic-like complaints, especially in diseases of the intestines and kidneys.

In most cases, pain relievers such as ibuprofen, diclofenac or metamizole can also be taken for colicky abdominal pain.
In the case of mild complaints, home remedies such as heat packs, rest, and relaxing and antispasmodic teas can also help. See above under home remedies.

What to do with psychosomatic abdominal pain

The realization that abdominal pain can also be of a psychosomatic nature is already the first step towards improvement for many sufferers.
The best-known example of psychosomatic abdominal pain is the "fear of school" in children. Many people experience psychosomatic symptoms, such as stomach pain or a racing heart, before appointments or tasks that scare us. See also here: Psychosomatics

As with all psychosomatically influenced pain, the treatment is very individual. There are different therapy concepts that work differently from person to person and depending on the therapist.

Frequently used methods are talk therapy, relaxation techniques, exercise therapy, music and art therapy, and drug treatment. What those affected can do without medical help is also very individual. Learning relaxation techniques, regular exercise and a healthy diet also often help.

Abdominal pain in children

Abdominal pain in children should be one take seriously. It is important to properly assess the symptoms, as Often express illnesses differently than in adults and children can often only imprecisely assign pain and are not yet able to differentiate well between the various pain sensations. Therefore, pain from other parts of the body is sometimes felt as abdominal pain.

A common cause of abdominal pain in children are Gastrointestinal infections. Here it is helpful to know whether such infections are in circulation in the child's environment (kindergarten, friends). In the case of a gastrointestinal infection, it is very important to make sure that the patient drink enough and take care of yourself. A home remedy for vomiting is tea made from dried blueberries.

However, do the abdominal pain last longer, or other symptoms such as Fever, confusion or blood in the stool, it is important to consult a doctor promptly. What to do with abdominal pain in children shouldn't do is to try the kid yourself with painkillers such as paracetamol, as children can tolerate a much lower dose than adults and various pain medication can cause acute liver failure. If the abdominal pain worsens or the child does not feel better after several hours, a pediatrician or hospital should be visited.

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Abdominal pain with diarrhea

Sudden stomach pain with diarrhea is common viral gastrointestinal infection as the cause. If possible you should take it easy and bed rest hold. What is important is that which is lost through the intestines liquid to consume again.Fennel or chamomile tea is particularly suitable here, as they have a calming effect on the intestines. Since salts are also lost with the liquid, you can try to replace them. Rusk, pretzel sticks, cola, bananas as well as chicken or vegetable broth should be particularly suitable for this. Viral gastrointestinal infections often heal on their own within a few days and do not require further treatment. Over-the-counter drugs such as Loperamide® help against diarrhea, but medication should always be taken in consultation with the family doctor.

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If stomach pain and diarrhea occur again and again in stressful situations, this can result in a so-called Irritable bowel syndrome be. It is particularly important to focus on a Pay attention to a balanced diet, exercise enough and reduce stress. For example, one can use the so-called autogenic training, in which the patient learns to cope better with stressful situations. This can improve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

In the case of abdominal pain and diarrhea that get worse or last for a long time, it is important to see a doctor as it could also be a bowel obstruction, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, a worse infection, a colon carcinoma or another disease that requires treatment. In this case, a doctor should decide which therapy is most suitable.

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Bulging pain during your period

Period pain can limit everyday life.

If you have stomach pain during your period, it can often help to have a for a few hours Hot water bottle or to put a warming pillow in bed to relax the tense muscles. Other relaxing home remedies include having a warm bath Lavender oill, or chamomile tea.

For period pains that affect the patient in everyday life Pain medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen help. However, if you regularly suffer from abdominal pain before or during your period, it makes sense to consult a gynecologist and see if there is a cause that can be eliminated if necessary. Pain medication should not be taken permanently without consulting a doctor.

If the period pain is severe, there is also the possibility of the gynecologist "Pill" to get a prescription. There are different preparations. Which is particularly suitable must be discussed individually with the gynecologist. The "pill" is a hormone preparation that suppresses the natural cycle.

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Another way to permanently fight menstrual pain is to take Chaste tree (Agnucaston®). After taking it for several weeks, this herbal medicine can help create a more regular cycle and thereby relieve period pain.