EBV therapy

How can you treat an Epstein-Barr virus infection?

Drink a lot, take care of yourself and take antipyretic medication.

To date, there is still no specific drug against that Epstein-Barr Virus has been developed. Thus, the therapy consists primarily in the Treatment of physical complaints. Patients suffering from EBV infection should be very careful save a lot and rest. This gives the body the opportunity to fight the virus itself.

Since the Epstein-Barr virus usually too fever leads should sufferers drink a lotto compensate for fluid loss. If the fever is too high or too long, patients can take antipyretic agents in consultation with their doctor.
Not only for this reason, it is important that those affected consult a doctor with this disease. Through the weakened immune system often arise bacterial superinfections, especially the almonds (Tonsillitis). These should come with Antibiotics be treated. However, this is allowed no aminopenicillins like ampicillin and amoxicillin can be used. These often lead to in connection with the EB virus allergic skin reactions.

However, this allergic reaction is not an indication of a penicillin allergy, which is why new diseases continue to occur after the infection has subsided Penicillins can be treated.
The allergic skin reactions are usually expressed in the form of a red, itchy rash that slowly spreads over the entire body and slowly disappears after about 3 days. This skin reaction does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with the intake of antibiotics, but can still occur a few days after the intake has stopped.
In rare cases, the Epstein-Barr virus can also be Brain inflammation (Viral encephalitis), one infection-related anemia (autoimmune hemolytic anemia) or to a Platelet poverty (Thrombocytopenia) to lead. These disorders require quick and consistent treatment with C.ortisone. Encephalitis in particular also requires intensive medical care in order to avoid secondary diseases.
The diseases of the blood system require regular checks of the Laboratory values.
In a few cases, the Epstein-Barr virus can also cause the spleen to lead. As a rule, this is not dangerous but should be sent by Ultrasonic be observed well. However, there is a risk of the capsule rupture of the spleen, which can lead to massive bleeding. For this reason, the affected patients should take good care of themselves until their size has normalized in order to avoid tearing the capsule.