Diet for diverticulitis

Nutritional behavior in diverticulitis

In the acute inflammation stage, there is initially one complete absence of food indexed. Of the Intestines is thereby relieved and that Diverticulum not irritated further. In addition, eating often leads to severe pain in the area of ​​inflammation. For this reason, affected patients are initially supplied with the most important nutrients and fluids parenterally via the vein.

After the symptoms have subsided and antibiotic therapy has been initiated, a slow diet with high-fiber foods can be started again. You should then follow a high-fiber diet to avoid diverticulitis again. If the diet was previously very low in fiber and is now completely changed, the intestine must first get used to this new diet. This can temporarily lead to abdominal pain and gas. The high-fiber diet has been proven to reduce the pressure on the intestinal wall from within, which reduces both the symptoms and the risk of recurring diverticulitis.

Suitable and unsuitable foods

Because of this, be special Grain fiber recommended. These are for example in Whole grain bread, bran or Cereal mixes contain. However, since most muesli mixes contain sugar, it is recommended that you assemble the muesli yourself. Are also very high in fiber nuts and Almonds. Also reinforce Potatoes, salad, fruit and vegetables the intestinal motility and thereby promote recovery. Especially legumes how Peas and Beans contain a lot of fiber.

However, should be avoided White flour products, sugar, big amount of flesh, sausage, cheese and fish. These foods contain comparatively little fiber. Furthermore, you should drink a lot, at least 2 liters per day. The fiber binds the water, which increases the volume of the stool. This promotes bowel movement and lowers bowel pressure from within. As a result, the intestine is not stressed too much and the likelihood of another diverticulum is reduced. More foods like cocoa or foods containing cocoa, black tea and red wine are also constipation-inducing and should be used if you have problems with the digestion tend to be avoided. However, are Lactic and fruit acid from yogurt or Apples Digestive and therefore recommended for people with a tendency to Constipation.