Diet for Gatritis


At a gastritis it is an inflammation of the stomach, more precisely the gastric mucosa.
Here is the irritated stomach lining in their function, e.g. Gastric acid production, disrupted and reacts with stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. For one Inflammation of the stomach lining there can be several causes, mostly are Bacterial infections or viruses, but drugs or other substances such as coffee or nicotine can also be responsible for inflammation (Type C gastritis).
Also your own immune system can be the cause of gastritis. Often, especially in the case of a viral infection, the Intestines with affected and one speaks of one gastroenteritis. In addition to nausea and vomiting, there is now also diarrhea.

What should you watch out for?

The most important thing in gastritis is to get the stomach adjusted Diet and Lifestyle to protect. Simple gastritis is rarely so bad that it requires medical attention. However, one should observe how long the gastritis drag on.
If it is a relatively short episode with additional diarrhea, it can be assumed that the infection is simple, but the body can get it under control itself. If the gastritis continues with stomach pain and nausea for several weeks, a doctor should be consulted. Reason could be an infection with Helicobacter pylorus be. It should also be noted that with frequent vomiting or frequent diarrhea Electrolytes and fluid get lost. It does this through the right diet and much drinking to replenish or balance.
Gastroenteritis with fluid loss is particularly dangerous for children and the elderly. If a person with gastroitis becomes very feverish or confused or unnaturally sleepy, one should go to a clinic, as there is a suspicion of a solid one Dehydration (Desiccosis) consists.

Recommended foods

At a gastritis We recommend foods that are gentle on the stomach and compensate for possible fluid and electrolyte losses through vomiting or diarrhea.
The preferred fluid intake is tea, because warm drinks are particularly beneficial for an attacked stomach. There are also special ones Gastrointestinal tea Mixtures designed to support the stomach lining. They have ingredients like Yarrow herb, peppermint, Caraway seed or chamomilewhich in itself has an anti-inflammatory effect.
As a herbal therapy option there are also tinctures e.g. Iberogast with extracts from medicinal plants that can also be used for gastritis.
gingere.g. as a tea, helps against nausea, but this has to be weighed up because of the sharpness. Here, the respective sensitivity of the sick decides.
Soups are also suitable as a fluid substitute, and they also contain valuable salts and electrolytes. Are best home-cooked vegetables-, Chicken- or also Beef consommé, because they contain no additives or flavor enhancers and the like. Meat broths in particular also contain easily digestible fats, which the body needs. A gastrointestinal disease costs the organism a lot of strength and quickly leads to the breakdown of muscles if no nutrients are available.
As another energy supplier comes zwieback in question. It consists mainly of flour containing carbohydrates and contains few other ingredients that could irritate the stomach. In addition, it is very dry and can therefore absorb a little excess stomach acid. Belong to the same category Pretzel Sticks. As the name suggests, they provide salt and carbohydrates. Furthermore, the coating of the pretzel sticks contains soda, which neutralizes stomach acid.
This is a neglected, old home remedy for gastrointestinal disorders Oats. It provides both carbohydrates and proteins, is easy to digest and supports the digestive tract. The best, even if it takes some getting used to, is porridge, i.e. boiled oats.
It is also easy to digest and full of valuable minerals cooked vegetables. Are best suited Carrots, Potatoes, pumpkin, leek or celery root. Parsnips or Jerusalem artichokes are somewhat more exotic but also easy to digest. If you have an appetite for something fresh, you can use grated apples.
Also ripe bananas are suitable during gastritis. They replace potassium that is lost when vomiting. Insider tip for gastrointestinal diseases blueberries. They contain little acid and a natural active ingredient against viruses and bacteria.

Foods to Avoid

You should avoid anything that further attacks the stomach. This includes above all spicy or sour Food or. beverages.
Food that is generally suspected of causing a gastrointestinal infection, such as frozen products, kebab, ice cream, sushi, egg dishes, meat that is not self-processed, etc., should also be avoided, as it cannot be ensured that the cold chain is maintained was not interrupted. If you have gastritis, the immune system of the digestive tract is already affected and can deal with a renewed infection more difficult.
Also difficult to digest, how Mushrooms, salad, spinach, Beans, Cabbage, very fatty foods are unsuitable as food for nutrition during gastritis.
You also have to be careful with the drinks, as some of them can further irritate the stomach lining. This includes above all coffee, Carbonated and alcohol. These three are not recommended during severe gastric mucosal inflammation. Even carbonated water should not be drunk. Cola should also be avoided as it contains too much carbonic acid and phosphorus. Very cold drinks it is also important to avoid gastritis, as well as juices.
Another luxury food that is bad for the stomach lining is Cigarettes. nicotine promotes the Gastric acid productionHaving more acid worsens the inflammation of the stomach lining. Nicotine also stimulates the vomiting center centrally in the brain, which causes additional nausea in gastritis, as does alcohol.

Diet examples

The Diet for gastritis strongly depends on the state of health and appetite of the respective person. In phases of frequent vomiting, it is helpful if you can do it enough Liquid through tea and Soups feed.
During the recovery phase, in which solid food is possible again without frequent vomiting, you could, for example, have oatmeal or rusks with chamomile tea. Chicken or beef broth or cooked, easily digestible vegetables are also suitable for consumption.
Fruit can also be eaten. Here, for example, blueberries or peeled apples are suitable. Cooked potatoes or mashed potatoes with boiled vegetables are also easily digestible foods.

Further therapeutic measures

In addition to nutrition as a basic measure, there is of course also drug support to treat gastritis. Most drugs are even available over the counter in pharmacies. Symptoms of acute infection-related gastritis include Nausea and vomiting in the foreground. Substances such as dimenhydrinate (Vomex) or also Metoclopramide. These reduce nausea and provide relief. Vomex also makes you tired, which can be beneficial in acute gastritis and gives the sick person some sleep. If gastritis persists, the production of gastric acid should be reduced overall so that the gastric mucosa has better conditions to be able to recover. The most effective are so-called. Proton pump inhibitors how Omeprazole, they directly inhibit the acidification of the stomach. They are also available in low doses from pharmacies without a prescription.
In the case of severe infections of the gastrointestinal tract with additional diarrhea and persistent vomiting, electrolytes that the sick person loses through frequent elimination should be replenished. Ready-made ones are best suited for this Electrolyte solutions such as. EloTrans, which is available as a powder in pharmacies. They are specially tailored to gastrointestinal diseases and ensure that no further complications arise from the loss of electrolytes.

General tips

In general, gastritis is a diet that is gentle on the stomach tea, Soup, Rusks, light vegetables and porridge to recommend.
Important is adequate hydration especially with frequent vomiting, even if you think that nothing will be retained in the body. The greatest danger is dehydration, i.e. dehydration due to excessive loss of fluid.
If severe or over complaints lasting several weeks, such as stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting, should be one Consulted a doctor to rule out other causes.
Can also be supportive Medication be taken for nausea or other stomach problems.Avoided should be spicy, sour, fatty or difficult to digest foods. Really counterproductive with gastritis coffee, alcohol and Cigarettes.