Function of the adrenal gland


Adrenal function, glandula adrenalis,

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Figure adrenal gland

Figure adrenal gland: cut surface (A) and right adrenal gland (B)
  1. Adrenal gland -
    Glandula suprarenalis
  2. Adrenal arteries -
    Suprarenal artery
  3. Adrenal vein -
    Suprarenal vein
  4. Fat capsule -
    Capsula adiposa
    (5th-7th adrenal cortex
  5. Ball zone -
    Zona glomerulosa
  6. Bundle zone - Zona fasciculata
  7. Grid zone - Zona reticularis
  8. Adrenal medulla - Medulla
  9. Central vein - Central vein
  10. Right kidney - Ren dexter
  11. Renal vein - Renal vein
  12. Renal artery - Renal artery

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Function of the adrenal gland

Function of Zona fasciculata:
In the Zona fasciculata of the Adrenal gland/ Adrenal cortex the glucocorticoids are produced. The most important representative of this group of hormones is that Cortisol. As with the mineral corticoids, regulation takes place via that released by the hypothalamus CRH as well as that released by the pituitary gland ACTH. The glucocorticoids play an important role in the metabolism of the adrenal gland as they produce glucose from it Proteins (Proteins) and fats in the liver promote. Thus, proteins and Fats reduced. Hence, cortisol is an important stress hormone that has the effect of adrenaline and Norepinephrine supported in the body; however, in contrast to these, its effect unfolds much more slowly. Other important functions of the glucocorticoids are anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory Immune system. These effects are used in pharmacotherapy. There are anti-inflammatory ointments and tablets, but also the possibility of local injection of the glucocorticoids.

The adrenal cortex closes in the direction of the medulla of the adrenal gland Zona reticularis which is the place of sex hormone production. Mainly these are Androgensthat have a function of further transformation in the body testosterone are subject to, but at the same time also precursors of female sex hormones like the Estrogens are. The androgens promote in men body hair, Testicular growth, Muscle building, Sperm development, and potency may also have an influence on aggressive behavior. Still, only a fraction of the androgens are in the Adrenal gland educated; most of it comes from the testicles. If a woman has too many male hormones, it leads to one Androgenization with a growing beard, deeper voice and missing Menstrual period.

The adrenal medulla of the adrenal gland is functionally part of the sympathetic Nervous systemas it is the production site of the Catecholamines Norepinephrine and adrenaline (80%) is. This function as a transmitter is stored in the cells of the adrenal medulla and can be released at lightning speed if necessary and unfold its effect in the body. They dock to certain receptors (? -,? -Receptors) and increase with it Heart rate, Blood pressure, sweat secretion and blood sugar level in the blood. In this way the body arm itself against stressful situations. At the same time, the airways are widened, energy is provided by the breakdown of fats and digestive activity is reduced.