Synonyms in the broader sense

Stomach reduction, gastroplastics, sleeve stomach, Roux En Y bypass, small intestine bypass, biliopancreatic version according to SCOPINARO, billiopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, gastric balloon, gastric pacemaker


A gastroplasty works similarly to a gastric band; a smaller forestomach is also formed here.

Gastroplasty works in the same way as gastric banding. It becomes a smaller forestomach (Pouch) so that gastroplasty leads to a feeling of satiety more quickly.

The gastroplastic procedure

However, the forestomach is not formed by a variable ligament, but by staples in the stomach. The clamps of the gastroplasty are made of titanium and are used several times (about four times) to increase safety.

The gastroplastic procedure can rarely be reversed. It has also happened that the staple sutures have torn and another operation was necessary to correct this.

Advantages and disadvantages of gastroplasty

The surgical technique of gastroplasty is more difficult than that of the gastric band, but cheaper because the gastroplastic band itself is quite expensive at around € 1600. The side effects of gastroplasty through a port are also absent. But you cannot adjust the size of the forestomach after an operation without another.

Although gastroplastics are cheaper compared to gastric banding, they have become almost superfluous because gastric banding for stomach reduction simply offers decisive advantages such as the possibility of fine adjustment.