Home remedies for flatulence

Treatment of flatulence

Home remedies for flatulence

Flatulence is harmless and easy to treat, especially if it is caused by gas or a hasty meal. If the causes of the flatulence are known, those affected can easily take preventive measures and avoid the triggers.

Anyone with bloated stomach (Meteorism) and strong discharge of intestinal gases (flatulence) should eat a healthy, balanced diet and avoid flatulent foods such as peas, lentils, celery or Brussels sprouts. In addition, you should eat slowly and chew thoroughly, speak little or not at all while eating, exercise enough and ensure regular bowel movements.

On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid all food and drinks that you cannot tolerate. Anyone who does not trust themselves to make a possible change in diet on their own can take advantage of nutritional advice as a therapy for flatulence.

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You may also experience mild, temporary gas over-the-counter drugs be dealt with independently. This Medication Act defoaming, antispasmodic or digestive and are as Drops, tablets or Capsules available.

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Digestive enzymes (e.g. pancreas powder, pancreatin) in tablet form are suitable as a therapy for flatulence, which is due to a weakness of the pancreas are based.

However, if there are other symptoms in addition to flatulence such as strong pain, Constipation or diarrhea on, must be a Consulted a doctor to rule out a serious illness.

Also suitable as remedies against flatulence are among others Home remedies like artichoke leaves, caraway seeds, mint oil, aniseed or fennel as teas, or herbal medicines. This Medicinal plants contain bitter substances and stimulate the digestive juices, have a gas inducing effect (Carminative) and / or antispasmodic (spasmolytic). Defoamer preparations (how Dimeticon, Simeticon) as chewable tablets or suspension. Defoamer preparations destroy the gas bubbles in the intestines. In the case of chronic flatulence, however, defoamers have not proven themselves.

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What else can you do?

Find out the cause of the complaints and keep a diary in which all foods consumed, but also stress, a trip or little sleep. Prefer freshly prepared light dishes: Fat-saving cooking methods for vegetables, meat and fish are grill, roasting tube and Roman pot.

The use of hot body wraps is recommended again and again for flatulence. Here, either cloths should be dipped in hot water and then placed on the stomach or one Hot water bottle be placed on the stomach. The effect of warming agents is described in such a way that the warmth penetrating the abdomen becomes a Dilation of blood vessels of the intestine which in turn leads to a Relaxation of the muscles leads. The Pain Reduced, the air held in a small section of the intestine by the spasmodic contraction can be dispersed in the intestine. The flatulence goes down.
It is important to note that in the case of inflammatory changes in the intestines the application of heat should not be carried out, as this can aggravate the symptoms on the one hand but can also worsen the underlying disease. That would be mentioned here Appendicitis or the Diverticulitis, where the application of heat would be strictly forbidden.

Treatment with caraway seeds

One of the most common remedies against Flatulence is Caraway seedwhich helps to bind the air in the intestinal area. Caraway is used in medicine and, above all, in the Natural medicine used for decades.
The air-binding effect of the caraway is the essential oils which are an integral part of caraway seeds. They develop their full potential when they pass through the gastrointestinal passage. Besides the essential oils, the anti-bloating effect is also Flavonoids, Tannins, Resins and fatty oils such as protein attributed, which are also in the caraway seeds.
The effect begins quite fast, sometimes after 10-30 minutes, the duration of the effect is moderately long and it may be necessary to stop taking the preparation once or twice a day to repeat. In addition to the air-binding effect, the caraway also has a moderate effect Cramp and pain reliever effect, which is also attributed to the additives in the caraway. Numerous combinations are also used to reduce gas. One is very common Combination of caraway, fennel, peppermint and chamomile flowers recommended. The so-called four winds tea is also recommended in the form of a tea. The herbs should be left in the cup for about 5-10 minutes and then poured off. The tea should be consumed 3-4 times a day, but has to be prepared again and again so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the herbs.

Treatment with bitter herbs

Even the use of some Bitter substances recommended for flatulence. So can taking the Sweden bitter herb mixture be helpful with the complaints. The recipe of the herbal mix is ​​old and of Maria Treben transmitted. The mixture consists of the herbs aloe, myrrh, saffron, senna leaves, camphor, rhubarb root, citrus root, manna cannelata, venetian theriak, boar root and angelica root. If you want to make the Swedish bitter yourself, you should use the herbal mixture in Grain or fruit brandy start and there about 10 days to let. Vigorous shaking should be done daily. After a few days, a clear layer will settle that should be poured off. The remaining cloudy liquid is then made up again with schnapps and the same is repeated. The Schwedenbitter can then be used in Teardrop shape or in small sips be consumed several times a day.

Treatment with Schüssler salts

Another exfoliating effect will be the Schüssler salts awarded. The exact effect of Schüssler salts is still today not scientific proven, the frequent but successful effect is reported by numerous patients with a wide variety of complaints. The basis of the effect is the assumption that any disease of the human body and its symptoms in one Mineral imbalance lie. Dr. Schüssler, the inventor of the method, tries to produce most of the minerals that do not appear in the daily diet in the form of tablets or globules and to dilute (potentiate) them many times. Similar to the classical homeopathy it is assumed that the more diluted the Schüssler salts work, the better.

At Digestive problems, with Flatulence should go hand in hand, for this reason, the preparations Ferrum Phosphoricum, Magnesium Phosphoricum and Silicea be taken. The amount of tablets amounts to 2-3 pieces at three times of the day. The tablets can be discontinued after the symptoms have subsided. If the flatulence is still present, therapy should initially be continued. Unlike conventional medicine, when taking Schüssler salts not about side effects or risks reported. Also is no intolerance known to other medications taken in addition. However, there are no precise, comprehensive scientific studies on this topic. In addition to the exfoliating effect, the Schüssler salts also have a Pain reliever and antispasmodic effect attributed.