Heart stumbling from back pain


The term "Palpitations“Popularly denotes various complaints that arise in relation to the heart rhythm or pulse. These problems can be, for example, an irregular, fast or too slow heartbeat. Those affected often feel it Fear and worrythat there could be something wrong with the heart.
In some cases there is actually one Cardiac arrhythmiathat needs medical treatment, behind the ailments. However, there are also complaints that cannot be traced back to a disturbance in the heart rhythm.
Discussions often arise about whether there is also a problem with the back or the back. Back pain can lead to this "heart stumbling". The following article will deal in more detail with the connections between a subjective “heart stumbling” and the back or back pain.


The causes of a "heart palpitations" are often not that easy to determine. There are medically objectifiable causes, such as Damage to the heart muscle or Disorders of the heart rhythmwhich lead to the symptoms that those affected popularly refer to as "heart stumbling".
Some of those affected describe one subjective connection between their complaints and additional complaints of the back such as tension or back pain. A however, there is no medical connection. Back pain and tension or other diseases of the back are not the cause of a cardiac arrhythmia.
It is questionable whether a psychological component can play a role. Among them, for example, one would psychosomatic illness understand, in the context of which heart palpitations appear as a complaint. Accompanying symptoms can Sweats, fear or dizziness be. Possible causes can be stress, unresolved conflicts or other psychological stress.
It is not uncommon for there to be a connection with a problem with the back. However, it can no direct connection between back complaints and heart palpitations derive.

Stumbling of the heart from a tense back

A tight back is not an uncommon problem. The tension can be favored by inappropriate strain or a lack of exercise, but also by psychological factors such as stress, conflicts, personal problems or worries.
A However, a tight back cannot cause an arrhythmia contrary to all claims that are often propagated in alternative practitioner forums or the lay press.
It is much more likely that palpitations are an expression of a psychological problems or one psychosomatic conflict can be within their framework at the same time a tension of the back occurs. This means that stumbling the heart and a tense back can occur at the same time, but one symptom does not cause the other.
The connection with a psychological conflict can be seen here. However, this requires a comprehensive Clarification of the cause done so that you can be sure that none Heart disease present.

Concomitant symptoms

It is very difficult to make generally valid and objective statements on the subject of "heart stumbling and back or back pain", as this basically does not represent an objective clinical picture. Therefore, there is no objective and good data base on which to argue.
Experience has shown that many patients who suffer from these complaints report many other complaints. There are usually many other illnesses or symptoms such as anxiety, panic, sweating, dizziness or chest pain. Headaches are also reported frequently.
Basically, it is not easy to define accompanying symptoms, as these are very individual complaints that are very different for each person affected.

Palpitations can also occur at rest. Other symptoms should be considered. Read the article on this below: Palpitations at rest


For complaints that affect the heart, such as "heart stumbling", a diagnosis is usually made at the beginning EKG prepared.
One is particularly meaningful Long-term ECGwhich records the heart rhythm over 24 hours. If the palpitations occur, you are usually asked to write down what you are doing in this situation possible triggers to identify.
Also a Exercise ECG as part of ergometry, one Echocardiography, drug tests and a electrophysiological examination come into question to clarify the cause.
A detailed medical history is also important, including certain factors such as Taking medication or luxury foods, triggering situations and previous illnesses can be requested. If no organic cause for the "heart stumbling" is found, i.e. there is no disease of the heart or an organic disease that can cause cardiac arrhythmia, it will be clarified whether one might be psychological or psychosomatic problems present.
Particularly with regard to a problem with the back, there may be a connection between the symptoms. The Examination of the back with regard to different diseases takes place separately. If no organic cause for the suffering can be found here either, a psychological cause cannot be ruled out.
In diagnostics, the focus is then primarily on the patient discussion, in which possible triggering factors such as Stress, personal conflict, or panic and anxietyis searched.

Treatment / therapy

The treatment of an arrhythmia is very complex as there are so many different diseases that must be considered. If you assume that a organic cause excluded and there is ultimately no diagnosis for the existing symptoms, it is very difficult to formulate a uniform therapy concept.
Often times they are affected psychotherapeutic treatment approaches recommended. Central elements are the individual Conflict resolution, Stress reduction as well as techniques and strategies for Stress relief and to Avoiding stress.
Of course, it also helps with back pain and tension Back-friendly exercise and sport.
The cause, however, is usually a psychological conflict that has to be addressed in order for the symptoms to improve. However, there is no uniform therapy here either, since the causes can be very different in different people.


The duration of a heart stumbling from back pain is very different.
Unfortunately, the data situation is not good, so that no objective statements can be made. Most of the time, however, experience has shown that those affected are people who have been suffering from their symptoms for a long time. That's how they are Complaints often for months or even years there.
Typically, it is patients who already many different doctors and don't have a proper diagnosis for their condition.
The frustration over this is often great, which only leads to a further fixation on the connection between the stumbling of the heart and the back problem. This belief often leads to the fact that the complaints are very protracted and only very long difficult to treat are.