application areas

Katadolon® is a pain medication and is used to relieve acute and chronic pain of various origins.

Examples of the areas of application are the following pain:

  • painful tension in the holding / movement muscles
  • Tension headache
  • Period pain / menstrual pain
  • Tumor pain
  • Pain after surgery / injuries


Katadolon is used for the relief of acute and chronic pain.

Most important Contraindication for taking Katadolon® is a allergy or hypersensitivity to the active ingredient Flupirtine maleate or another component of the drug Katadolon®.

Further contraindications are Liver disorders / liver disease, Biliary obstruction, Alcohol abuse or, if a deterioration in brain function and a movement disorder is observed when taking Katadolon®.

Since the active ingredient flupirtine maleate relaxes the muscles, it should be used in patients with Muscle weakness (Myasthenia gravis) should not be used.
Tinnitus patientsAccording to studies, those treated with Katadolon® have an increased risk of developing elevated liver enzymes, which is why they should not be treated with Katadolon®.


The doctor prescribes it individual Dose of Katadolon®. In most cases this is included 3 to 4 Capsules daily that should be swallowed whole and at regular intervals with a glass of water.

In the event of severe pain or increased sensitivity, the dose of Katadolon® can still be individually adjusted by the doctor to the patient concerned, but a daily dose of 600mg Flupirtine maleate (= 6 capsules) should not be covered over.

Especially in older patients over 65 years of age, the active ingredient of Katadolon® must be slowly crept in to avoid excessive dosage and first carefully test the required dosage.

There is a lowered mirror Blood protein or a severely restricted one Kidney function, a daily dose of 300mg Flupirtine maleate (= 3 capsules) must not be exceeded.

For longer periods of treatment with Katadolon®

Since the drug Katadolon® mainly through the liver is degraded, it is essential to increase the value with prolonged use Liver enzyme levels to pay attention and to carry out regular checks.

Side effects of Katadolon®

As with all drugs, a number of undesirable side effects can occur with Katadolon®.

Very often, especially at the beginning of therapy with Katadolon®, fatigue occurs as a side effect. Often are too dizziness, heartburn, Nausea, Vomit, depression, Tremor, headache, stomach pain, Dry mouth, restlessness / nervousness, flatulence and diarrhea to observe.

Occasionally, confusion, blurred vision, or allergic reactions such as rash, hives, and itching occurred.
On the other hand, an increase in liver enzyme values ​​and drug-induced inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) as side effects of Katadolon® were very rare.

Drug interactions

If other drugs are taken in parallel to Katadolon® that relax the muscles or have a calming effect, their effect can be enhanced by Katadolon®.
Alcohol also has a stronger effect when taking Katadolon. Since it also burdens the liver, you should take Katadolon® urgent Refrain from alcohol consumption.
Regular checks of the Quick values In patients who are being treated with anticoagulant drugs (e.g. warfarin), an excessive effect of this drug can be recognized in good time.
Diazepam can also be enhanced in its effect if Katadolon® is taken at the same time.
Due to the simultaneous breakdown in the liver, a parallel intake of Katadolon® should be taken with Paracetamol and Carbamazepine not be carried out.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding with Katadolon®

To date, there is insufficient experience with the use of Katadolon® in pregnant women, which is why the use of Katadolon® during pregnancy is not recommended.

If Katadolon® is taken during breastfeeding, it should be used during treatment Not continue to breastfeed or have previously been weaned, as previous studies have shown that the active ingredient of Katadolon® also passes into the breast milk to a small extent.