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An eyelid tightening is an eyelid correction through which hanging lids are tightened so that the impression of a tired look disappears. This creates a fresh and vital appearance and ensures the functionality of the eyes and lids. With increasing age, the elasticity of the fine skin on the upper and lower eyelid as well as the eyelid muscle decreases, which leads to the drooping eyelid. Stress, environmental influences, sun exposure as well as nicotine also leave traces and lead not only to thinning and wrinkling of the upper and lower eyelid skin but also to a weakness of the connective tissue around the eye. But there are also various diseases that can lead to this appearance, such as Myasthenia gravis, diabetes, muscle weakness, Horner syndrome, etc.

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application areas

There are various procedures available for eyelid correction. Depending on the type of procedure, a distinction is made between invasive and non-invasive methods. Regarding the eye area that needs to be treated, the eyelid lift can be performed on the upper or lower eyelid. Excess wrinkled skin and, if necessary, fatty tissue is removed from the upper eyelid. With the lower eyelid tightening, the sagging eyelid edges and drooping eyelids are corrected and excess skin and bags under the eyes are removed. An eyelid lift weakness is also corrected as part of the eyelid lift.

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Noninvasive treatment methods

Eyelid tightening without a scalpel are mostly for minor corrections used. This includes the use of Botox injectionsBotox®, Laser and thermal technology. With the help of botox injections, the facial muscles are inhibited and the skin is smoothed. The effect lasts maximally seven months. Wrinkles around the eyes can be treated well with botox injections. There is a difference between Expression lines and Gravitational folds. In the course of life, repetitive and continuing movements of the face such as Laugh or frown the expression lines. With this kind of dynamic folds Botox injections are to be used. Are gravitational folds drooping corners of the mouth or pronounced Nasolabial folds. In this case it will Hyaluronic acid as so-called Dermal filler injected under the skin. Hyaluronic acid is an important part of connective tissue. It is often used as an ingredient in skin creams in cosmetics. Hyaluronic acid is suitable for filling in skin lines up to larger ones Tissue defects. The effect can be between 6-12 months hold. Botox and hyaluronic acid are often used together for the very pronounced expression lines.

Laser treatments are gentle, cosmetic eyelid lifts that are performed with the help of a Carbon dioxide laser (pulsed CO2 laser) or one Erbium laser be performed. The treatment can be carried out in the area of ​​the upper eyelids (with drooping or drooping eyelids) as well as in the area of ​​the lower eyelids (with bags under the eyes). The damaged skin layer is gently removed, thereby eliminating the creases of the eyelids. By stimulating the laser beams are Collagen and Elastin produced, so that in the healing phase the skin concerned is renewed and a smooth skin layer is created. This method is suitable for:

  • Slackening and wrinkles in the area of ​​the upper and lower eyelids, as with Drooping eyelids;
  • excess flab in the area of ​​the lower eyelids (Bags under the eyes) and upper eyelids;
  • Sagging of the upper eyelidswhich can lead to a restriction of the field of view.

At the Theramge method come high frequency radio waves for use. By a controlled heating, Penetration depth of up to 5mm and one simultaneous cooling the upper layer of the skin, the collagen of the deeper skin layer is drawn in and the sagging skin areas firm and smooth. The method is well suited for the reduction of Eye wrinkles, the so-called Crow's feet. Depending on the skin area that is to be tightened, it takes between 20 and 120 minutes and is painless. It finds outpatient takes place and does not require a long stay. It should be Redness come, skin will heal with Creams supports or cooled down. The reddening usually disappears on its own after a short time. Only after six months a final result can be observed with the Thermage procedure, as the actual tightening process takes time. But that's what Working time of longer duration.

Operative treatment methods

Blepharoplasty is also performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure takes place under local anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours. Some patients prefer general anesthesia, which is also possible. Surgery can be considered for the treatment of drooping eyelids, excessive bags under the eyes, and low eyebrows. Surplus skin and fatty tissue are removed by surgical correction. Occasionally, a strip of the underlying sphincter can also be removed.
During the upper eyelid correction, the excess tissue and skin are removed and an incision is made along the crease of the eyelid. Accordingly, a scar is almost never visible. If the eyelid and eyebrow are affected at the same time, you can also correct the eyebrow position. In some cases it is necessary to separate the muscles that are responsible for raising or lowering the eyebrow. Special knowledge of the doctor is required.
An eyebrow correction can also be carried out separately, through a cut in the forehead area or directly on the eyebrow. This surgical procedure is performed when the eyebrows are pulled down through slack tissue. A strip of skin can be removed from the upper edge of the eyebrow and the remaining edges are then sutured without tension. So that no scars become visible when the eyebrows are much too thin, the scar can also be placed in the hair of the head and a temple lift (pulling up) performed at the same time. This raises the eyebrows and reduces the laugh lines on the side.

With the lower eyelid correction, the incision is made horizontally relatively close to the eyelashes, which allows excess fat, skin and tissue to be removed. The eyelid muscle is then sewn to the facial bone so that it does not relax again. The lower eyelid correction is also used to remove the bags under the eyes. Age, alcohol, nicotine, medication and lack of sleep all have a major impact on the formation of these. In this case, the incision is made above the nose, removing fat and excess tissue. In some cases, the tissue is evenly distributed in the lower eyelid. An advantage of the procedure is that a harmonious overall appearance of the face that is gentle on the scars can be achieved.

Before any surgery, it is important that you stop taking anti-coagulants 14 days beforehand. Smoking and alcohol consumption should also be restricted. For the first 24 hours after the procedure, you should, if possible, lie in bed with your head raised. In order to prevent swelling and redness, as much as possible should be cooled. The removal of the threads and the fine strips of plaster that were stuck on the seams can be removed after 4-6 days. It is advisable to omit cosmetics for the next 7 days and not to apply them directly to the healing wound. After the correction, scars are barely visible, especially on the upper eyelid, they are covered by the opening of the eye. The scar on the lower eyelid is located approx. 1 mm below the edge of the eyelid and is concealed by the eyelashes. After approx. 8-14 days the patients are "socially acceptable" again, swellings and bruises have healed and any remaining redness can be covered with make-up.

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