Lip correction


There are different methods for lip correction.

The lips represent a central part of the face. They play a major role in the external appearance. Many people, especially women, are dissatisfied with their lips and want to change their shape or volume. You have a lip correction performed. There are many different lip reshaping techniques as there are many different goals that they aim to achieve.

But other causes can also make it necessary to perform a lip correction.

Depending on the type of lip correction, it is carried out either by specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery or doctors in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.


There are three reasons why lip reshaping is done.

For one thing is one congenital malformation of lips, one Cleft lip and palate. Depending on the characteristics, either only the lip or the jaw and the palate split. The cause of this is an incorrect development of the face during the Embryonic period. A split lip creates problems eating, drinking, and speaking. Therefore it is important to treat this split early.

Lip correction may also be necessary after an accident. Will face through external force very badly damaged, the lip correction has not only cosmetic but also medical reasons. Often an oral and maxillofacial surgeon has to reconstruct not only the lips but also other parts of the face.

Often, however, lip reshaping has to be carried out no medical needbut is desired by patients who cosmetic-aesthetic reasons to have. In most cases, these are women who are either dissatisfied with the shape of their lips or who want more volume in their lips. This affects women, among others, whose lip volume has decreased due to their advanced age and the expression on their faces can appear severe or sad as a result. This dissatisfaction can lead patients to the lip reshaping because of the high mental stress have it carried out.

Techniques and process

There are different techniques a lip correction. Many of them have Enlargement of the lip volume as a goal, but also one Change of lip shape can be achieved by lip correction.

Basically, a lip correction can at any age should be made, however, in the pregnancy or with existing ones Allergies Particular attention should be paid to the choice of method, as certain techniques can lead to complications.

First of all, a consultation with a plastic surgeon must clarify what expectations the patient has to the end result and to what extent this can be achieved by the surgeon. An appropriate method must be chosen to achieve this goal. There are several to choose from here.

One common method is Injection with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid comes naturally in the skin and is a moisture store. It supplies the skin with enough moisture and ensures that it does not dry out. It is also often used in the Cosmetics to Wrinkle treatment used. Since hyaluronic acid is also a natural component of the skin, it is easily absorbed by the body. That's why the Effect for a maximum of 6 months because the hyaluronic acid is then absorbed and broken down by the body. That's why regular meetings necessary to achieve a lasting effect.

The hyaluronic acid comes in the form of a Gels injected into the lips and serves the Replenishment of the volume and the Contour refinement. There are several techniques for injecting the gel into the lips. Depending on whether the syringe is inserted from the outside or from above or below, different effects can be achieved and the The shape of the lips can be designed individually. An injection of hyaluronic acid can also reduce the wrinkles on the lips.

Also Collagen can be injected into the lips to increase volume, but nowadays it is hardly used anymore, since the allergic rejection reactions are comparatively high.

Another possibility is that Autologous fat transplant. It is also called Lipofilling designated. The body's own material is used in suitable places Adipose tissue removed and injected into the lips. Possible extraction points are, for example belly, the Thigh or that buttocks. Here, fat cells are sucked off, specially processed and then injected into the lip with the help of a hollow needle. Since the body's own tissue is used, lipofilling is the one most compatible method the lip correction. However, in order to inject the fat into the lips, a light anesthesia initiated, why more risks consist. Besides, the Healing process this method longer than when using hyaluronic acid. When using autologous fat, the subsequent holds Swelling longer on and it can Bruising (Hematomas) form. The treatment may have to be repeated after two to three months, as not all of the transferred fat cells grow in the lips.

As alternative for autologous fat transplantation, the lip volume can also be increased by a Dermis fat implantation can be increased. Here is a thin strip of skin with attached fatty tissue from the groin area removed and placed in the lips. Here, too, swelling and bleeding can be expected after the operation.

It can also synthetic implants be introduced into the lips. This is the case in Germany, however very rare carried out because the alternatives with hyaluronic acid or own fatty tissue have significantly fewer side effects and lead to rejection reactions less often. It will be here small, elastic tubes in the lips which have the advantage that they are not broken down and absorbed by the body.

Through the Cheiloplasty the contour of the lips can be shaped. The volume is here however not changed. The lip is cut open along the lip contour and a strip of skin above the cut is removed. The lips appear wider when they are sewn together. The scar is here barely visiblebecause it lies exactly on the transition from the lip to the skin. This procedure involves local anesthesia on the lips and the surrounding skin and one light anesthesia necessary. The cheiloplasty can outpatient be performed.

Needs a lip correction as a result of an accident lip tissue often has to be restored because it has been destroyed. This is in most cases several surgical interventions necessary. These require a general anesthetic, partly because they take a lot of time.

Also correcting a Cleft lip needs one general anestheticas it is resolved by three to six months of age in most cases.

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Since all methods of cosmetic lip correction are performed on an outpatient basis, there are usually no restrictions after the procedure. The swelling should subside after a few days and the pain should go away. Exercise should be avoided in the immediately following days so that the wounds that have formed have enough time to heal without being too stressed.

In order to support the healing process, the wound areas can be cooled both on the face and in the areas where tissue may have been removed. In addition, careful lip care should be taken by providing the lips with sufficient moisture with creams or care sticks. Solar radiation should be avoided. When staying in the sun after the procedure, lip care with a sun protection factor should be applied.

Smoking should be avoided for some time as nicotine has a bad effect on wound healing.

If, after some time, when the lips have swollen and the wounds have healed, the patient is dissatisfied with the result, the doctor should be consulted again so that a correction can be made. Such follow-up interventions are usually carried out after about two to four weeks.

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In the case of lip reshaping where Lip tissue restored must be, so if an accident or other violence has taken place, the Treatment costs completely from the Health insurance accepted. The application for the reimbursement of costs must be submitted to the health insurance company before the procedure.

For lip corrections out cosmetic-aesthetic reasons take over both statutory and private Health insurance no costs.

The amount of accruing costs is very highly variable. Depending on the goal and the method used, the costs are more or less high. The costs include the preliminary consultation with the doctor, an allergy test if necessary, the materials used and the treatment costs. The total costs can then amount to € 300 to € 3,000.

However, one should be aware of it mostly not with the one-off costs remains. Depending on the durability of the material used, subsequent interventions are necessary at different intervals in order to be able to maintain the effect achieved. When using Hyaluronic acid this time is usually about one half a year, the effect of Autologous fat remains about a year consist, Collagen only holds a few months.

Becomes a Follow-up intervention carried out, so are its costs however often lessthan that of the main treatment. There are no costs for the consultation and the follow-up interventions that are carried out for correction are usually less time-consuming.