Kidney cyst symptoms

Kidney cysts harmless?

Simple Kidney cysts are usually harmless and do not cause any symptoms whatsoever. That is why they stay with the majority for a lifetime unnoticed. If they stand out, it is usually as a Incidental finding in the Ultrasonicthat was made for other reasons.


In very rare cases when the cysts very large are (but that really means about fist-sized), they can cause some pain by being the normal kidney displace. This pain then turns out to be Tenderness in the Flank area noticeable. With such large kidney cysts, symptoms of the Gastrointestinal tract occur, for example stomach pain or Stool irregularities.

Infected kidney cysts

Every now and then kidney cysts will become infected. As a result, typical symptoms of a Urinary tract infection arise, including pain, cloudy urine, Blood in the urine and also Flank pain.

Cystic kidneys

It is different with the Cystic kidneys. These diverse, sometimes large space demands in the kidney lead to faster Pain, Functional restrictions and Complications. Since this is a Hereditary disease is, cysts can occur in many other organs besides the kidneys and cause symptoms there. These include above all the spleen, the pancreas, the Lungs, Testicles and Ovaries, the thyroid and more rarely that too liver.
If heart valves are affected, they can and will no longer adequately fulfill their task permeable (insufficient), resulting in a Heart failure trains. Lots of patients develop one high blood pressurebecause the kidney can no longer work properly. This normally ensures that the salt is adequately excreted. If it can no longer fulfill this task, more salt and therefore water will be retained in the body, so there is increased pressure.
Also Inguinal hernias (Inguinal hernias) are common in patients with cystic kidneys. In the worst case, the kidney can stop working entirely; it comes to Renal failurewho ultimately get through a decreased urine output, Water retention (Edema), Vomit, Bleeding tendencies, a headache, fatigue and Muscle twitching can make noticeable.

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