Thyroid cancer signs


Thyroid cancer signs, thyroid tumor signs, thyroid cancer signs


Often the first thing noticed in thyroid cancer is a swelling in the neck area.

Thyroid cancer is one comparatively rare tumor form. Regardless of the type of thyroid cancer present, tumor diseases of the thyroid gland particular problem The reason for this is the fact that the for Thyroid cancer typical signs only then occur when the Tumor cells have spread to the surrounding tissue. Because of this, thyroid cancer becomes in most cases diagnosed by chance during a routine examination. Depending on which cell types the thyroid cancer originates from, must four different tumor forms a distinction can be made:

  • papillary Thyroid cancer

  • follicular Thyroid cancer

  • medullary Thyroid cancer

  • anaplastic (undifferentiated) thyroid carcinoma

These four types of thyroid cancer differ mainly in terms of the most suitable treatment strategy.
Also in relation to the forecast (Ten year survival rate) can be clear differences observe between the different tumor forms. Read more about this under Life expectancy in thyroid cancer.

Both the causes and possible risk factors for the development of thyroid cancer are so far largely unclear.
For a long time it was assumed that one was above all else pronounced iodine deficiency plays a crucial role in the development of tumors of the thyroid gland. This assumption could meanwhile largely be refuted.

At times it can be assumed that the formation of thyroid cancer in particular ionizing rays (for example X-rays), certain pre-existing conditions of the glandular tissue or genetic factors underlie.
Since the forecast of thyroid cancer mainly through one early diagnosis can be positively influenced, people who notice local swelling in the neck area should promptly a specialist (for example an endocrinologist).

For most types of thyroid cancer, the prognosis before the first signs appear is very good.

Signs (symptoms)

People who suspect that they are suffering from a change in the thyroid gland should urgently be aware of the signs typical of thyroid cancer appear very late.

As long as the cancer cells are limited to the glandular tissue, there are usually no noticeable signs. These only occur when the thyroid cancer affects the surrounding tissues has spread.
Because of this you should from middle age in regular intervals Ultrasound examinations of the glandular tissue are performed.

At the beginning of the cancer, the affected people usually do not notice anything.
Only as the thyroid cancer grows in size can the typical signs to be watched.
The first sign of a change in the glandular tissue is usually one small palpable swelling in the middle of the neck. This swelling is sometimes not visible from the outside and only when Hyperextension of the neck (Reclination) palpable.

In the course of the disease takes this swelling typically clearly too and can go through pressure on the esophagus and windpipe lead to various signs. Especially breathing problems and Difficulty swallowing belong to the classic signs of thyroid cancer.

Affected people also often have the feeling that they are stuck something in my throat.
Also a inexplicable "throat clearing" is one of the typical signs of a thyroid tumor.

In the advanced stages of the disease, the cancer cells can spread to neighboring nerve tracts.
As a result, thyroid cancer causes other noticeable signs. The vocal folds in particular can be affected by the compression of the nerve fibers responsible increasing signs of paralysis exhibit. For this reason, affected patients often suffer from pronounced hoarseness.

In addition, the so-called Horner syndrome is one of the most common signs that indicate the presence of thyroid cancer.
In Horner's syndrome, affected patients develop unilateral narrowing of the Pupils. In addition, this eye is clearly visible in the eye socket sunk back and the eyelid on the affected side is visibly drooping.

Especially when there is one papillary thyroid carcinoma it comes to one scattering of the tumor cells via the lymph vessels (lymphogenic metastasis). Because of this, find themselves Daughter ulcers (Metastases) usually in the cervical lymph nodes.

Affected patients show severe swellings of the lymph nodes as a result.
In addition, the affected lymph nodes can no longer be separated from the surrounding tissue and are literally with this baked.

As with other cancers, the presence of thyroid cancer can have general signs.
The most common general signs of cancer include persistent rise in core body temperature (Fever), one unexplained weight loss within a very short time and so-called night sweats.