Ribwort plantain

Ribwort plantain is helpful for coughs and asthma.

Latin name: Plantago lanceolata
Genus: Plantain family
Common names: Stepping away, gauntlet

Plant description

Perennial plant, on the ground Leaves arranged in rosettes. Flower stalks up 50 cm long. Inconspicuous, spike-like, brown flowers. The one that is hardly used as a medicinal plant is very similar, Medium plantain with pink inflorescences. Another species of plantain that Flea plantain (Plantago ovata) is used for medicinal purposes. Flowering time: May to September. Occurrence: One of the most common medicinal plants in Europe and is preferred dry meadows and fields.

Plant parts used medicinally

The leaves, with flea plantain also the Seeds.

The leaves can be used all summer collected in meadows become. The fresh leaves are recommended to be harvested just before flowering. Avoid dusty roadsides when collecting wild animals. Gentle dry or use fresh.


Plant mucus and aucubin, which is weak antibiotic works. In addition, tannins, bitter substances and silica.

Medicinal effect and application

The effect is similar to that of Coltsfoot leaves and is a excellent cough suppressant. Expectorant, soothing and mildly antibiotic. The drug is often Part of cough syrups. The seeds of the flea plantain (they are very small, hence the name flea plantain) swell unusually strong in water and are therefore common Part of swelling laxatives.

In folk medicine the drug is also used at Insect bites, Bruising and Boils applied externally. To do this, you use the juice from fresh leaves diluted with chamomile tea to make compresses. You can use the previously washed and crushed leaves Insect bites, itching, Swelling hang up directly. Do not use on open wounds, risk of infection too great.

Tea made from ribwort leaves provides relief Catarrhs ​​of the upper respiratory tract and Inflammation of the mouth and throat.


Tea made from ribwort leaves: 1 to 2 teaspoons dried leaves are poured over with a large cup of boiling water, one leaves 15 minutes pull, refrain. At to cough, hoarseness, asthma sweetened with honey and warm 2 - 3 cups daily drink.
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Plantain juice from fresh leaves: Fresh, well-cleaned leaves in one Rub in mortar, add some water and bring to the boil. Add plenty of honey. For cough and fever 1 teaspoon every hour.

To the edition on Insect bites or bruises Do not add honey (not on open wounds).

Use in homeopathy

The Homeopathic Plantago major, is made from the fresh leaves of the broad-leaved plantain. It is not used here for coughing but is primarily used for Toothache, also at Earache, Nerve pain in the face, just like Bladder weakness and night wetting are used.
The mother tincture and up to D3 are common. With Glycerin mixed the mother tincture is also used externally. For instillation into the ear canal in case of otitis media (no self-treatmentbecause only use with intact eardrum !!!) or for brushing with toothache. The contained aucubin also brings the antibiotic effect.

Side effects

With normal dosage nothing to fear.