Symptoms of kidney failure


At acute and chronic Kidney failure differs depending on the cause and therefore the course of the kidney failure clinical picture especially at the beginning of the disease.

Symptoms of acute kidney failure

Kidney pain

The acute kidney failure leads to sudden Occur more unspecific Symptoms.
The patients fatigue much faster than before, it can Difficulty concentrating and nausea occur.
Particularly at the beginning, patients experience water retention (Edema) in the legs. With persistent kidney failure, the water can spread to other organs, such as the lung, deposit and cause shortness of breath. Since the kidney is no longer able to control the body's water balance and possibly excreting toxic substances, life-threatening symptoms can occur.
Especially too much potassium (Hyperkalemia) in the body can become life threatening Cardiac arrhythmias to lead. But also Seizures, States of confusion or a Brain edema can determine the clinical picture and lead to a coma. In addition, the urine excretion decreases rapidly (Oliguria= <500ml in 24 hours). If the kidney failure is even more advanced, the urine is completely eliminated (Anuria).

Symptoms of chronic kidney failure

The chronic kidney failure A lot happens at the beginning slower and depending on the underlying underlying disease. Chronic kidney failure can be total, especially at the beginning symptomless run away. Some patients experience uncharacteristic symptoms such as Poor performance and fatigue on.

Another early symptom is this frequent urinationwhere the urine is light and unfocused. If the kidney failure progresses further, the symptoms partly resemble the acute kidney failure. The amount of urine decreases significantly. For those with healthy kidneys, approx. 1.5 liters Urine, the amount of urine decreases due to kidney failure 500ml per day.

Patients mainly deposit fluid in the legs and eyelids (Edema) and a high blood pressure. The reason for this is the large amount of fluid in the body that can no longer be excreted through the kidneys. In addition, the kidney is next to hers Filter function also the Manufacturing of the hematopoietic hormone Erythropoietin a. This leads to one caused by the kidney Anemia (renal anemia).
In addition, many patients suffer from

  • Muscle weakness and
  • Bone pain,
  • Loss of appetite,
  • nausea and Vomit.

Many patients give itching on the entire body, triggered by the accumulation of urinary substances in the tissue. In addition, the reduced filter function leads to the kidney foaming and red urine. This is caused by too high a protein content in the urine, as well Blood from the urinary tract as a sign of damaged kidney tissue or by degradation products of the red blood pigment.
Pain in the kidney area do not usually occur in chronic kidney failure, these are more likely signs of Band washers- or Spine problems, Kidney stones or one Pelvic inflammation.