Aquagym for pregnant women


These are exercises that are gentle on the joints and are carried out in the water by the expectant mothers under the guidance of a specialist. Due to the additional weight and the growing waist size, many women are restricted during pregnancy.

Water aerobics offers pregnant women a gentle and gentle form of exercise and can help reduce pregnancy ailments such as back pain.

What exercises are being done there?

Water aerobics for pregnant women can be versatile. Some courses focus on gymnastics (see also: Pregnancy gymnastics) and, if necessary, also use aids such as swimming boards or noodles, others are more geared towards relaxation techniques and also deal with breathing and relaxation exercises.

The gymnastics-oriented courses pay attention to pregnancy-friendly fitness exercises. These encompass a variety of movements, such as alternating legs or side-steps. In the second exercise, the task is to take large sideways steps. Light aqua jogging is also part of the common exercise content from aqua aerobics for pregnant women.

What is it good for?

Water aerobics for pregnant women can have several benefits. Due to the water, the pressure on the joints and ligaments of the pregnant woman is much less than when doing exercises on “land”. The muscles and joints can be used so well without being overwhelmed by the additional ballast of pregnancy.

The focus here is particularly often on the back, which can be gently strengthened through targeted exercises in the water. Many women find this to be a great relief, since back pain is one of the most common ailments, especially in the last few months, of pregnancy.

The pelvic floor muscles also benefit from certain gymnastic exercises and can thus be stretched in a targeted manner. This creates more space for the baby in the stomach. Many pregnant women also perceive the water at a pleasant temperature as a "relaxation agent" and use the gymnastics specifically to relieve cramped parts of the body such as the shoulders or neck.

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Exercises such as aqua jogging also strengthen the endurance of the pregnant woman and stimulate the circulation. The endurance exercises also had an impact on the oxygen supply. This is actively stimulated and benefits both the expectant mother and the child.

Does it help with childbirth?

Water aerobics helps primarily to prevent or alleviate typical "Pregnancy complaints”. The pregnant women often suffer from back or neck pain, which can be improved through specific exercises in the water.

Furthermore, the women can benefit from the relaxation exercises. These ensure a reduction of stress or promote stress relief (see also: How can you reduce stress?). During the birth itself, the breathing exercises that were practiced in water aerobics can help.

Some studies have shown that participation in aqua aerobics classes for pregnant women was generally associated with less pain reliever use during childbirth. This is attributed to the comparatively “more relaxed” posture of the birthing mothers.

Which pregnant women shouldn't do aqua aerobics?

In the case of an uncomplicated pregnancy, participation in water aerobics is initially possible without hesitation. Should women have bleeding or "labor-like" cramps in their early pregnancy, they should definitely consult their doctor before attending a course.

Furthermore, women are advised not to participate in the 4 weeks before the due date. This is due to the fact that during this time the cervix can open and water or the germs it contains could penetrate.


The courses usually consist of 10 sessions that take place once a week. Depending on where you live, the total costs are around 80-100 euros. It is worthwhile to consult with the health insurance company in advance about assuming the costs. Some health insurances cover the costs / partial costs for participation in water aerobics for pregnant women as part of prenatal care.

Does the health insurance company cover the costs?

The health insurance pays for the birth preparation, but aqua aerobics falls under the category of “additional measures”. Some health insurance companies cover the costs or part of the costs for such additional programs.

It is best to ask pregnant women who would like to attend an aqua aerobics course in advance at your cash register. Otherwise you have to pay the costs yourself. Depending on where you live and a course of around 10 water aerobics lessons, these amount to around 80-100 euros.

How do I find aqua aerobics for pregnant women?

To search for courses in pregnancy gymnastics in water, research can be done on the Internet. For women attending a birth preparation course, it can also be worth asking the course instructors.

They are usually well informed about regional offers for everything related to pregnancy. You can also look for offers in the surrounding swimming pools. Furthermore, pregnant women can ask their attending midwives - they too are mostly familiar with the courses on offer in the immediate vicinity.