Yohimbine is a medicinal substance extracted from the bark of the yohimbe tree. Yohimba trees mainly grow in tropical, humid, warm regions such as Africa. Chemically, the substance from the yohimber bark belongs to the class of alkaloids. Alkaloids occur frequently in nature; they contain a ring system of nitrogen atoms and react in a similar way to basic substances. Yohimbine has been used as a sexual enhancer by various African tribes for a long time. Nowadays the active ingredient has also found its way to Europe and is sold there as a potency-increasing agent.

Areas of application

Yohimbine is mainly used for Treatment of erectile dysfunction used. Erectile dysfunction is the man's inability to get a stiff member. Since a stiff male member is a basic requirement for sexual intercourse, men with erectile dysfunction are not able to perform the sexual act.

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Often times these men feel uncomfortable and in some ways inadequate. Erectile dysfunction can be both physical and psychological and cause immense stress for both the man and his partner. Relationships in which the man suffers from erectile dysfunction are heavily stressed and quite a few of these partnerships break because of the problems in the bedroom.

Physically caused erectile dysfunction are caused by insufficient blood supply to the male member or muscle weaknesses in the penile muscles. In the case of psychologically caused erectile dysfunction, however, factors such as lack of self-confidence, stress or nervousness play a major role. The active ingredient yohimbine increases potency and erectile function and can give new hope and confidence to patients with erectile dysfunction (inability to get an erection).

Mode of action

Yohimbine works by being special receptors occupied. Receptors are small molecules in our body that, when a substance binds to them, trigger a wide variety of effects. So-called Alpha2 receptors are occupied by yohimbine, the normal substance that would actually trigger a reaction of the receptors, can therefore no longer accumulate. Because of this mechanism of action, yohimbine is also known as Alpha2 receptor antagonist. In this context, the term antagonist denotes a "Opponent“.

Under normal circumstances, alpha2 receptors, which are mainly located on nerve fibers of the CNS (often in the area of ​​synapses), regulate the release of messenger substances. Alpha2 receptors thus contribute to the regulation of the sympathetic nervous system and keep the CNS in balance. The sympathetic system increases the heart rate and blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels. Will this Prevents constriction of the vessels, this can help to get an erection, because for an erection the vessels of the male reproductive organ must be dilated to take in sufficient blood. Yohimbine also acts on the central nervous system and there increases sexual desire and lust. The exact mechanism behind this has not yet been finally clarified.


Preparations with yohimbine are not only in Tablet form available in different dosages. Next drops there is also Teaswhich contain yohimbine and which, if taken regularly, can also have a potency-increasing effect.

How to use

When using yohimbine one should note that an intake of the active ingredient does not immediately have an erectile effect. It usually takes one to two weeks until the increase in potency is really noticeable.
The intake of the appropriate preparation, i.e. the drops or tablets, should up to three times a day respectively. Care must be taken to ensure adequate fluid intake when taking. The tablets are best swallowed with a large glass of water. Drops are either put on a spoon and then drunk with water or the drops are poured directly into a glass of water.

Side effects

The side effects triggered by yohimbine are very diverse due to the way it works. The complaints affect a wide variety of organ systems. Nausea, dizziness and vomitingand loss of appetite mainly affect the digestive tract. Other unwanted effects like Nervousness, trouble sleeping, tremors (tremor) or restlessness are more of a psychological or central nervous system (arising in the central nervous system) in nature.

By blocking the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, it can too low blood pressure and shortness of breath through constriction of the bronchi (Bronchospasm) and the resulting reduction in performance. Low blood pressure often leads to symptoms such as tiredness, weakness or, in the worst case, fainting spells. As with every other medicinal substance, there are hypersensitivity reactions and allergies up to anaphylactic shock when taking yohimbine.


Interactions with other drugs also occur frequently when taking yohimbine preparations. For example, the fabric can be the Increase the effect of psychotropic drugs or antidepressantsby increasing the concentration of other drugs in the bloodstream. Even when taking opioids (strong painkillers) at the same time, there may be interactions such as an increased concentration of the medication in the blood.

Before taking medication together, it is generally advisable to do one Consult a doctor or pharmacist about possible adverse interactions. Likewise, before consuming alcohol, using machines or driving a car, you should inform yourself about possible impairments caused by the medication you are taking, unless this is noted in the package insert.