McMinn prosthesis / cap prosthesis

Synonyms in a broader sense

artificial hip jointTotal hip joint replacement (HTEP or HTE), hip joint replacement, total hip replacement, BHR, McMinn, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, cap prosthesis, hip cap prosthesis, short stem prosthesis


A total hip joint prosthesis is an artificial hip joint. There is artificial hip joint from the same parts as the human hip joint. During the prosthesis implantation, the pelvic joint socket is replaced by an "artificial" one. Of the Femoral neck and the femoral head is replaced by the prosthetic part of the thigh bone (shaft) with the “artificial head” sitting on it. In the McMinn prosthesis minimal removal is performed in the thigh area.

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Another alternative prosthesis model is the McMinn prosthesis

McMinn hip cap prosthesis

A resurfacing through minimal bone loss, a new development in orthopedics, seems to be optimal, especially for young patients.

The BHR system (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing) offers a solution. It is a process that has been tried and tested for over 10 years and is intended to guarantee gentle processing of the bone. Following the example “why one extract a toothIf it can be crowned? ", was this applied here to the hip:" Why cut off the femoral head when it can be capped and thus preserved? ".

This original method was adopted by the first clinics in Germany about 2 years ago (Author: Prof. McMinn, Birmingham, England). Long-term studies of over 10 years (approx. 3,000 patients) are available. In 2000, around 6,500 cap implants were performed worldwide. The results have so far been convincing in Germany as well and are scientifically monitored by the Dresden University Hospital. The cap system also offers natural mobility and rapid rehabilitation by maintaining the anatomical conditions.

The acetabulum is placed “classically” in the pelvis, the femoral head is de-cartilaged and the hip cap is cemented on. The actual femoral head thus remains.

There are advantages in that this prosthesis can be exchanged for a classic hip prosthesis when a replacement operation is necessary.

But disadvantages must also be mentioned.
Known disadvantages are the increased risk of a femoral neck fracture postoperatively. According to the current state of studies, the occurrence of a femoral neck fracture must be assumed at a rate of 3%. This means that around every 30 patients have to be operated again, which is a lot for orthopedic conditions.

Therefore, it must be clarified exactly before the operation whether the respective patient is suitable for a McMinn or cap prosthesis.

Risk factors represent a known one osteoporosis, Obesity, a valgic femur neck, older age, female gender and many more.

Furthermore, noise can be generated by the sliding pair in the initial phase.

Initially, increased cobalt-chromium levels in the blood can be detected. It is currently not clear whether or what consequences this will have for the organism.

This type of prosthesis is only implanted in a few selected orthopedic houses.

Unfortunately, further information is not yet available. Many studies are ongoing and will be published shortly.

A comprehensive information page about this prosthesis system is planned here shortly.

Please also note our other topic, which is particularly suitable for younger patients: Short stem prosthesis

Supplier of cap prostheses

Providers of cap prostheses include:

  • McMinn Prosthesis, BHR (Birmingham Hip Replacement) - Smith & Nephew Company
  • Durom - company room
  • ASR - DePuy company
  • Cormet 2000 - Corin company
  • Bionics - ESKA company

We are not in any economic relationship with any of the above manufacturers. None of the mentioned prostheses are recommended.