Flatulence after alcohol


Some people suffer afterwards Alcohol consumption often with flatulence. This is very annoying and stressful for those affected and not infrequently leads to general malaise. The extent of the flatulence is not necessarily related to how much alcohol was drunk beforehand. Every person reacts differently to alcoholic beverages, and thus the amount of alcohol required to cause these symptoms varies from person to person. Still others have no problems with gas and gas after consuming alcohol. But why can there be flatulence after drinking alcohol?

root cause

At Flatulence it is about Gasesthat arise in the intestine through metabolic processes. Depending on the alcoholic drink, the different components in the body can lead to increased gas formation. Very sugary drinks promote gas formation, as the intestinal bacteria prefer to feed on sugar. During metabolism, gases are released, which then go off in the form of flatulence.

Even the alcohol itself increases in the body sugar transformed. The gas formation can therefore also be attributed to the alcohol itself. Finally it comes especially often after consuming beer to gas. That's because beer yeast and barley contains. These ferment in the digestive tract and can cause considerable gas formation. Last but not least, alcohol can also be one inhibiting effect have on intestinal motor skills. This means that the food ingested is not transported so quickly and one longer residence time has in the gastrointestinal tract. This allows a Fermentation process insert that to a increased gas production leads.

However, it can also be a cause of the discomfort general intolerance against the ingredients of certain alcoholic beverages. Allergies or intolerance to food can also be expressed by flatulence. Such intolerances can also trigger palpitations after alcohol.


If the alcohol or the other additives in the alcoholic drink are metabolized in the body, gases are produced. These lead to flatulence in the affected person. At the same time, it can lead to a general feeling of malaise and fullness. The abdomen can be bloated and tender. The overinflation of the abdomen can also cause slight nausea.

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If there is an intolerance, diarrhea can also occur. Depending on the degree of gas formation in the intestine, it can lead to intestinal cramps, abdominal pain and rumbling in the stomach.

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If a patient presents with flatulence, the doctor will first ask him a few questions in order to find out whether the flatulence actually occurs only related to alcohol consumption occur. Other causes that could affect the symptoms must always be ruled out.

For example, after a physical exam, the doctor might perform an ultrasound scan of the abdomen or an Stool sample to take. A blood count can also be made, for example to record inflammatory processes.

Ultimately, the connection to alcohol consumption can only be established if the flatulence only ever occurs in such situations and cannot be explained by other causes. If necessary, an allergy test for certain ingredients (e.g. yeast, barley) can be carried out.


As a rule, bloating occurs after drinking alcohol not in need of treatment. The excess gas formed in the intestine must escape, otherwise stomach pain can occur. If there are other symptoms, such as diarrhea, a adequate hydration and the Electrolyte balance be respected.

In order to relieve the intestines in general, well-tolerated Teas drank and Easily digestible foods with a low fat content to be consumed.

If the flatulence is very pronounced and is a burden for the patient, he should be advised to give his Limit alcohol consumption, or to do without it. The patient should also watch closely whether the flatulence after consumption any alcoholic drink occur or whether the complaints are specific to one certain drink, for example beer. This should then be selectively omitted to see whether the flatulence still occurs.


Everyone's reaction to alcohol is different. If there is an increased level of distress due to the flatulence after consuming alcohol, the patient should limit his alcohol consumption. Then no further complaints are to be expected.


There is no direct prophylaxis to avoid flatulence after consuming alcohol. The safest way is at all no alcohol to drink.

How can you prevent bloating at night after alcohol?

Flatulence after consuming alcohol can be very stressful for those affected. Even at night there can be an increased amount of gas, which can cause an uncomfortable feeling of fullness and bloating, as well as occasional discomfort and abdominal pain. To prevent this, it is first necessary to look which alcoholic drink is causally responsible for the flatulence is. The best way to find out is to consciously avoid certain types of alcohol. If there is less or no flatulence then you can be sure what is causing the problem and then simply avoid it in a targeted manner.
Since the consumption of some types of alcohol simply causes more gas than others and an additional high-fat food promotes the development, it is also important to pay attention to the combination of foods. alcohol conditionally one Slowing down of gastric and intestinal motility and thus ensures that the food to be digested stays longer in the respective section. Thus the development of flatulence is favored. An easily digestible diet is therefore recommended, which does not cause flatulence in the person affected even without consuming alcohol. In addition, in the case of severe suffering, one should reduction or on one Refraining from alcohol consumption to be thought about. In addition, highly carbonated drinks can also lead to increased gas.

How can you prevent the smelly / foul-smelling gas from alcohol?

In order to avoid the odorous, foul-smelling flatulence after drinking alcohol, you should be aware of the Combination of the type of alcohol and the food consumed be respected. Highly fatty foods as well as cabbage and legume dishes, but also foods that contain yeast such as bread or cakes should be avoided. In order to be certain what is causing the problem, it is advisable to keep a food diary. With this aid you can then specifically avoid foods that are suspected to be the cause. At the same time it should be noted that not swallowing or talking a lot while eating, because here it is possible to swallow more air, which can also lead to increased flatulence. If the exposure to smelly, foul-smelling ones is particularly high, in addition to the right combination of type of alcohol and food, a reduction or waiver should also be considered. To reduce flatulence in general, teas or dishes can also be used Caraway seeds or ginger contain. These have ingredients that have a beneficial effect on digestion.

Flatulence after alcohol with diarrhea

If after drinking alcohol Flatulence with diarrhea this can occur on a Intolerance reaction of the body. This can be a reaction of the body, especially after excessive alcohol consumption too much alcohol from the body to accomplish.

However, some people tolerate also small amounts Alcohol is not good, which can lead to gas and diarrhea afterwards.

However, it can also be a other cause for the complaints that are not directly related to alcohol consumption. If you have diarrhea, you should always go to one infectious cause be thought. When the discomfort longer than 1-2 days persist, a doctor should be consulted, as the body caused by diarrhea loses a lot of fluids and electrolytes. It is imperative that these deficits be compensated.

Flatulence after alcohol with abdominal cramps

Flatulence after drinking can also be associated with Abdominal cramps accompanied. In particular, if the gas formation is significant, this can literally overinflate the intestinal loops. This causes the stretching of the tissue drawing, spasmodic pains. The bowels begin to cramp up to drive out the gases.

However, it must also be attached to a intolerance Be thought of against alcohol or other recently consumed foods. Furthermore, these could also be symptoms that are not related to alcohol consumption, but are incorrectly associated with it due to the temporal proximity. For example, a Gastrointestinal infection cause similar discomfort.

Flatulence after consuming beer

Flatulence after consuming alcohol occur most often when beer was drunk. This is because beer contains ingredients that start to ferment in the digestive tract, for example yeast and barley. This leads to gas formation and this in turn manifests itself as flatulence.

On top of that, the alcohol in the body too sugar is converted. The beer itself already contains sugar, so that the bacteria in the intestine receive a lot of food. If the bacteria convert the sugar, gases are also produced.

You can also use larger amounts of alcohol slowing down on the intestinal motor skills Act. This means that the food is not transported as quickly and remains in the intestine longer. It can now begin to ferment and thus contribute to gas formation.

All factors together cause an increased development of gases, which then leave the body in the form of flatulence.