Plantago afra, plantain family

Plant description

The plant is in the western Mediterranean area at home and is also cultivated there in cultures. The annual herb is up to 50 cm high and very similar to the native ribwort.
The stems are branched, while the leaves are opposite and narrow.
Inconspicuous white flowers sit in spherical ears on thin stems.
The seeds are dark brown to red black and only 2 to 3 mm long and elliptical.


Mucilages, fatty oil, protein and iridoids

Medicinal effect and application

The seeds of the psyllium are used medicinally. He owns a huge one Swelling capacity and thus makes it a good remedy against constipation.
The psyllium is mainly used when a soft stool is desired, for example with hemorrhoids or after surgery.


Let 2 to 3 teaspoons of flea seeds soak in a little water. You take 1 teaspoon each morning and evening with plenty of liquid.

Side effects

Under normal circumstances there are no side effects to fear. When a Intestinal obstruction cannot be ruled out, however, the psyllium should not be used. Continuous use should also be avoided.