Causes of Facet Syndrome


A facet syndrome is a Pain syndromethat is caused by the small Intervertebral joints of the Spine (the so-called Facet joints) Show signs of wear and tear (the doctor speaks of a "degeneration“Of the joints). If the Band washers wear out (which means that their fluid content decreases), this is always associated with a loss of height in the spine.

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The spine is difficult to treat. On the one hand it is exposed to high mechanical loads, on the other hand it has great mobility.

The treatment of the spine (e.g. herniated disc, facet syndrome, foramen stenosis, etc.) therefore requires a lot of experience.
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As a result, the individual vertebrae move closer together, which ultimately leads to the small intervertebral joints being worn out. In addition, as a result of this, the ligaments become looser, which in addition also causes the spine more unstable and the individual vertebral body segments can move against each other. Also the joint capsule and the Synovial membrane are affected as part of this process and it can for example too Effusions or Inflammation come.
This corresponds to the picture of a arthrosis, just as it can occur in many other joints. In the context of this osteoarthritis, inflammatory reactions of the body can regularly occur at this point, because the facet joints are well supplied with a large number of small nerves. If these nerves are stimulated, the typical ones develop Back pain in facet syndrome. However, due to the instabilities that exist, they can also be directly trapped and thereby directly damaged, resulting in the same complaints.

age-related causes of facet syndrome

The most common are these events age-related. It is natural that the fluid content of the vertebral bodies decreases with age, and so it comes to this Vertebral arthrosis especially in the elderly. However, there are other causes of facet syndrome as well. The most important causes include diseases from the rheumatic form circle, Herniated discs or deformations of the spine like that Hyperlordosis (Hollow back) or the Scoliosis (a lateral curvature of the spine).
Finally, there are other causes of facet syndrome, which occur very rarely, but which should be considered especially if you cannot initially find a cause for the pain syndrome. These include, among others Abscesses or the tuberculosis.

There are also various causes that favor the development of a facet syndrome. First and foremost here is that Obesity in combination with Bad posture and a general one Sedentary lifestyle to call. In overweight people, very high pressure is constantly on the spine, which presses the vertebral bodies together and wears them out more quickly. Also Overloads in the sense of heavy physical work cause signs of wear and tear and can thus lead to a facet syndrome. Unfavorable actions include, among other things, frequent bending and lifting of objects that are too heavy, which have a particularly harmful effect on the lumbar spine. Overhead work, on the other hand, tends to promote the development of a facet syndrome of the cervical spine.