Figure Achilles tendon

Illustration of the right lower leg and back of the foot with Achilles tendon (red): A - from behind and B - from the outside
  1. Achilles tendon -
    Tendo calcaneus
  2. Internal calf muscle -
    M. gastrocnemius,
    Caput mediale
  3. External calf muscle -
    M. gastrocnemius,
    Caput laterale
  4. Sole muscle - Plantaris muscle
  5. Clod muscle -
    Soleus muscle
  6. Long fibula muscle -
    Muscle fibularis longus
  7. Shin bones -
    Medial malleolus
  8. Flexor tendon retaining strap -
    Retinaculum musculorum
  9. Calcaneal tuberosity -
    Calcaneal tuberosity
  10. Cuboid bone - Os cuboideum
  11. Tibia anterior muscle -
    Muscle tibialis anterior
  12. Long toe extender -
    Muscle extensor digitorum longus
  13. Fibula short muscle -
    Muscle fibularis brevis
  14. Upper strap of the
    Fibula tendon -
    Retinaculum musculorum fibularium superius

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